What attached her most to her was her repressed shyness

what attached her most to her was her repressed shyness

He had not wondered about the nature of his feelings, but if he did, he should have realized that he had obviously fallen in love with her. Her insolent beauty, her marvelous freshness and the grace that emanated from her would have brought down more than one, the forms that were her allied to the address and determination that she could show in a bed certainly filled her, but what attached her most to her was her repressed shyness, that awkwardness she still showed in her romantic relationships, and especially when he introduced her to the smallest novelty.

Thus the lingerie accessories that he offered him, the new positions that he asked him to adopt, the regular blowjobs he got, the cunnilingus that he lavished on her, the first ejaculations she had taken in her, and recently also on her, after they left the condom, their first legs in the air in places less comfortable than a bed; she had always accepted everything, but without ever being entirely, or especially passively, subject to her fantasies.

He had always had to prepare her, then to excite her skillfully and intensely, to succeed in giving him a good dose of pleasure before she lowered her guard and finally accept, without really saying but without opposition, all that he had wanted her, including when he asked her one night to be fully epilated: She liked too much what he was doing with his tongue to oppose?

In fact she had accepted from him almost everything, but not absolutely everything. Certainly, she had once or twice gently pushed the fingers of Alexander who searched her pussy with a little too virile, or penetrate her with a little too much insistence, and yet she had never had to stand up to him, Except for one evening when he had obviously considered getting in behind his thumb as he titillated his clit with his tongue and his other hand.

Julie had gently opposed his voice first, but he did not abandon the caresses he performed on this hole, then refusing his privacy by tightening his thighs when he tried again to push his phalanx in it.

Alexander had the wisdom not to insist, and they enjoyed that evening both of the language of the other. He waited for the warrior’s rest to address the issue with her, making him understand his intentions to initiate him to anal practices. Julie initially opposed it quite formally, and he held her for a good half hour, gently but insistently, arguing that she usually did not resist the caresses he had been able to do at this time. place when he was enjoying it.

She blushed at this remark, as it was true that she had let herself be mischievous when he tickled her tiny door as she took her foot. She had tried to convince herself that imprecise maneuvers from her lover, destined for her pussy and clumsily done ‘Which of course had never been the case.

In these intense moments, it seemed to him that the fingers of Alexander had further strengthened the power of his orgasms, but she could not admit that it was related to the stimulation of this taboo area. That night, she did not let go, refusing to consider sodomy with him.
Alexandre regularly returned to the charge, and now was opposed to an end of refusal as soon as he tried to lead his fingers on this possibility still virgin he coveted.

One evening, when he tried to persuade her to allow herself to be caressed at least, he was almost angry at his refusal, which he judged to be a witness to his immaturity and, moreover, based on preconceived ideas. Not wanting to let the situation fester, Julie promised to think carefully about the possibility that he initiated a little more to this practice that? without her being able to admit it? began to spur his curiosity.

Indeed he had assured him that one of his ex asked him sometimes to take it there without him having never had to initiate it: She practiced already before having met. She liked that, he claimed, and he even said he had enjoyed it at the same time as taking it by that.

He cleverly avoided talking to her again, hoping that she would move quickly in his direction and before he resigned, because that would not be a good point for their story? Yet it was a considerable surprise for him to discover on the coffee table on the morning of his thirtieth birthday a little card of his sweet conquest which had risen early, on which she had simply noted these few words: “Happy Birthday my Love.

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