We arrive on the seaside with our beach stuff

We arrive on the seaside with our beach stuff

“My husband and I,” replied Isabelle’s mother, “we have nothing against naturism, and if Isabelle agrees to follow you, we will not oppose it.
“If you want, you can come too,” added my mother.
– No thank you. I would not dare to put myself naked in front of other people, I’m really too modest.

I would be too uncomfortable and I’m not sure my husband is inclined to do it. Now if it pleases my daughter, that’s fine, at least she will not have the same inhibitions as her mother.

It is clear that Isabelle, after a little apprehension, quickly became naked. In the first moments, she needed my support and that of my brother. This is how it happened:

We arrive on the seaside with our beach stuff. I advised Isabelle not to put a shirt under her dress, just a little panties, “it’s easier after to undress”. Once our towels are wide, we take off our clothes, until the last piece of cloth. I feel a hesitation from my brother’s girlfriend.

I approach her to reassure her and help her, a little away from the guys (my brother, my boyfriend and my father). She finally leaves her dress and the thong she wears and we lie down on the belly.

– I’m naked, she said, naked in front of many other people. I find it totally unrealistic!
– But you like it?
– I do not know ‘Actually I’m horribly embarrassed. I really wanted to, but there, once on this beach, I really wonder what I’m doing here. And worst of all, if I want to go swimming, everyone will look at me.
– Nobody will look at you on the contrary, you will see it will be well.

When we decide to go swimming, she gets up very uncomfortable, she looks around, like a frightened animal, to see if we look at her. And once in the water, I feel things are starting to get better. The pleasure of swimming naked has conquered Isabelle. To return to our towels, even if for her, walking naked in public is not yet natural, it does not make a story.

In the late morning she is already much more relaxed and at the end of the day, it’s almost normal for her to be naked on the beach with her boyfriend, the sister of it, my boyfriend and our parents. She forgot this shame to show his little tuft of hair or two beautiful little tits to men around him.

She spent 15 days with us and I can say that she finally enjoyed it. The baths in the sea, sunbathing, in the complete nudity of the body is really an unforgettable experience. His fear that one looks at it, that one mate it quickly disappeared. She found that everyone is naked and no one is watching others.

– I did not have a negative idea of ‚Äč‚Äčnaturism, but all the same, I thought to myself that they were strange these people who put themselves naked without feeling any discomfort. Without your brother’s insistence and the feelings I feel for him, I do not think I would have jumped. But today, I can say that I am an unconditional follower.

I know that I will continue naturism, even if I do not dare to speak with my parents. They know where I am, they know what I’m doing, but we do not talk about it.

Sometimes my brother and Isabelle go away. I know very well that they retire to spend quiet moments in all discretion. The size that then takes the sex of my brother does not deceive anyone. Bravely he struggles in him not to be in full erection, but inevitably, his rod gains in volume. I watch them go away telling me that next year, I will accept to give me to a handsome guy like my brother and I will then know the pleasure that seems to experience Isabelle.

Because it is always up, maybe it is even she who seeks my brother. When they reappear, they always make a turn in the water, just to clear the dubious spots, and the two lovebirds are delighted, with stars in the eyes and a smile on their lips.

What’s fun is when Isabelle asks her friend to spread some cream. It runs and inevitably he finds himself in erection. For it is not a matter of omitting a single part of his body: he must coat the body with the good side of the pile and the other side. His hands venture on the back, buttocks, thighs and calves but also inside the legs, and there his fingers up between the thighs, reach the conch of the dulcinea.

Then it is the breasts he must caress to make penetrate the cream, her belly to the limit of her pubic hair and finally the legs. He remains as discreet as possible, but in desperation, after finishing his office, he lies on his stomach and waits for it to pass.

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