Thinking about it slips a hand between her legs as if she was trying

Thinking about it slips a hand between her legs as if she was trying

The first thing that made Adeline waking up, while she has not even opened her eyes, is to plunge his hand into the hair of his darling Remy. But the latter is not there, his hand is on the pillow, she seeks by tapping left and right, she finally understand that he is not there. Suddenly, she remembers what happened the day before, the image of this stranger penetrates her before her eyes that she opens suddenly. She stands up and looks around, worried. There is nobody.

She takes her mobile to check the time, three new messages: Missed call from his father, Remy telling him that they went shopping and Eric asking him how is going on holiday in the Sun.

That explains the absence of Remy, and the silence that there is in the house, they had planned, like every year, to go shopping, provisions for two weeks. The impression of being abandoned hardly Adeline, but she thinks that anyway she could not have woken up. Especially after such a night, thinking about it slips a hand between her legs as if she was trying, again and despite the weather, to revel in this wetness. Unfortunately there is nothing left, except the faint smell and slight traces on his shirt and legs. Maybe Remy saw them? Adeline knows he would never have been able to look, to stuck.

This is the fault of Remy, Adeline is used to it and accepts it, cuddling, touching and some sexual caresses were enough for Adeline. However, since a few days since she made love with Eric, her brother, she is hungry for pleasure. Especially since this warmth of the South reinforces these desires. After all, she had come here in the hope that Remy, her darling, made love to her.

She left her bed to open her suitcase. She grabbed a pair of denim shorts and a tank top. She undressed the long shirt she throws on the bed, she finds herself naked and there is no mirror where she can admire her body, disappointed she is satisfied with his hands.
Her breasts are huge, that’s what she says.

They are not that big but it is true that it is difficult to grasp one of these breasts with one hand. On its own, this breast can satisfy several men, hands, at the same time. Adeline is aware of the power that this represents, she likes that. She puts her tank top on her head, covering all her belly and back. Breasts are trapped, and this tank holding them gives the impression that they are bigger.
Her buttocks, without a doubt the most beautiful asset of Adeline.

She learned in time that men preferred the buttocks rather than the breasts, even if they are oversized. In both cases, she is happy to know that she has the most beautiful little back and the most beautiful breast. She puts on her mini shorts, molding, which only hides her buttocks and her intimacy.
Only his legs and arms, and his face of course, were bare. This beautiful body is not the result of chance, even if his mother is for many, it is the result of intensive use of the sport.

She leaves her room to go down and join the living room. She turns on the TV, it’s apparently a porn channel judging the request to enter a password. Adeline looks around her, there is no one and she knows it. She grabbed Zero four times. Bad code. She ends up zapping string, music clips.
She stands in front of the TV and starts her stretching session before going to shower.

After a few minutes, Adeline dug her loins, her upper body bent forward, her chest found on her knees and her head between her legs. It was in this position, upside down, that she saw Uncle Roger, Jerome’s brother. By surprise she fell. She got up immediately and remained on her lap.
– Sh’tai scared apparently, sorry! Roger shouted.

– No it’s me, excuses Adeline, Remy told me that you go shopping …
– Not me, Roger cut, I rarely get up in the morning so I almost never go!
Adeline was still on his knees. Roger was looking at her, not only because he spoke to her, but also because he liked the “show”: A young and beautiful girl on her knees, the dress was also very seductive, even enticing.

After rolling his eyes on his legs, he goes back on her two breasts, through the tank top he easily distinguishes the nipples. He finally looks at Adeline in the eyes and notices that it fixes him.
– Uh sorry, he hastened to throw, you can continue, I’ll leave you!
– It’s not serious, she said standing up, stay if you want, your presence does not annoy me in any case! Conclude Adeline.

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