Soaked after recent ejaculations of cum

soaked after recent ejaculations of cum

This sudden interruption to which she did not expect surprised Germaine so much that she was unable to restrain the enjoyment that for a moment had overwhelmed her. An orgasm of rare violence exploded suddenly, making it arch convulsively before throwing it inert on the bed.
“Good night, too,” said Julien to his mother-in-law, Germaine being unable to utter a single word.

Leaning on his left forearm, Julien gazed at his wife lying beside him. Lying on her stomach, in the position where enjoyment had projected, Germaine offered him the sensual vision of her pleasantly curved back and her perfect curved rump.

If Germaine had known a thundering orgasm, Julien on his side still remained under the blow of desire; his cock stretched at the bottom of her belly being the irrefutable proof. Fixing the maddening behind for whom he felt a real fascination, he put a feverish hand on it. Under his palm the sweetness and velvety feminine flesh gave him a wonderful feeling of pleasure.

Despite the age and pregnancy of their son Michel, Germaine had kept a body full of sensuality and his rump was one of his sexual appetites for which Julien had a strong desire. This rump harmoniously rounded and still extremely firm was the pride of Germaine, who did not hesitate to highlight it by narrow skirts, which drew the shapes with precision.

The rubbing on her buttocks gently brought Germaine to reality. Emerging from her voluptuous somnolence, she spun around to find herself on the back. Fixing her husband who was looking at her tenderly, she murmured in a voice full of love:
– It was wonderful darling? You’re great? Are you good at giving me so much pleasure?

Then, after a moment’s silence she wondered, she continued:
? It was not mom I heard?
– Yes it was her. She wished us a good night ‘The bathroom is free, if you want to go for a toilet.
As she straightened with the intention of going to the bathroom, Germaine discovered the tense member of her husband.
– But you! … You have not enjoyed? …

“You did not give me time,” replied Julien, in the tone of the joke.
– My poor darling, it’s true that it was rather fast? But I was so good
Repositioning herself on the back, Germaine folded her knees wide spreading her thighs, offering her husband the maddening vision of her pussy smooth and glistening with moisture:
– Come on me, she proposed to her husband? I’ll make sure you empty your balls, you deserved it! …

Not asking better, although knowing in advance which sauce was going to be eaten, Julien settled between the thighs wide open of his hot wife. Presenting his swollen penis at the entrance of the vulva welcoming, he had no difficulty, despite its volume to penetrate inside the sexual cave. Still enormously soaked after recent ejaculations of cum, the walls of the vulva made easy the progression of the voluminous penis. As every time he plunged into the pussy of his wife, Julien had the impression that his member plunged into a liquid fire. A flash of heat enveloped his glans. An extraordinary pleasure overwhelmed Julien.

Feeling the powerful dick blazing a path inside her pussy still thrilling, Germaine also felt a long thrill of pleasure. She adored above all this moment, the prodigious moment when, like a ferret returning to his lair, Julien’s long penis sank into her, seeking the moisture of her vagina.
– Oh yes, she murmured? Come deep in my belly? I want to feel your cock deep in my pussy?
Feeling the masterful penis come to hit the bottom of her vagina, sign that the entire penis was in her, she asked:
– There! … Do not move!

Knowing from experience what was going to happen, Julien stopped, the cock completely stuck in the hot sex of his sensual wife.

Fixing her husband who was standing over her and of whom she felt the volume of her desire in the depths of her intimacy, Germaine began her sexual specialty. Specialty she had developed, thanks to a long training. Concentrating all his will on her sex, she forced the muscles of her vagina to expand, imprisoning the large glans that had lodged there.

Although being used to what his wife was going to make him suffer, Julien experienced intense pleasure in feeling the vagina of the latter strongly squeeze his cock. The walls of the vulva contracted with such force around his member, he knew from experience that it was virtually impossible to withdraw from the sexual antrum.

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