She took my hand and dragged me outside

She took my hand and dragged me outside

She presses against me, and whispers in my ear:
– I missed you this afternoon.
While sliding his hand on my shorts
– Oh, that’s not the impression I had yet ‘.
– Come on, stop, do not be jealous, your wife needs to experiment, like you, it’ll be better after ‘.

– Yes, but it’s mostly she who actually, I retorted?
Pauline smiles’ What was she sexy, beautiful teeth, a beautiful greedy mouth, a body of dreams, a disconcerting assurance? “Have you ever fucked two girls at the same time? “.
Of course not, but I confided to her that I had been dreaming for a long time, but that Madame was not at all bi, as she could have realized.

She took my hand and dragged me outside? ” I’ll take care of it? But in the meantime, come with me. ”
We then walked to the pool bar and showed me by far another very attractive girl, Leila, very brown, of Moroccan origin, who took care of the kid’s club (laughing): “She, the year last, Paul and I, we jumped, it’s a real naughty? Find me in my room after midnight ‘Anyway, Paul and your wife have planned another game of tennis tonight, so’ ‘.

Midnight, I slip away from the table where Paul, Madam, the tennis teacher and another couple got acquainted (!!!) to join Pauline who had fled half an hour earlier by making me a nice wink. promising eye.
The heart beating, I head for the dimly lit room by two or three candles.
I knock and return immediately.

Pauline greets me with a big smile? “I present to you Leila, whom I told you about, we were waiting for you.”
Finally, since Leila was already shirtless, I suspected that the festivities had already begun.

Leila goes to me and greedily takes my mouth? An exquisite taste of pussy pervaded my taste buds, leaving me guessing that indeed the little cat Pauline had already been there?
“So,” said Leila. You never saw two women together?
– No madam, did I want to say, so embarrassed and intimidated?
Leila explodes with laughter? “But he’s just shy of your boyfriend,” she said to Pauline who was lying on the bed, having removed the little clothes she still had on her?

She gestured to Leila to join her on the bed and pointed to the famous chair in which I had mated to masturbate in the afternoon.
So I settle down, not without having readjusted my shorts that compresses the erection that holds me since the middle of the evening.
Leila also got rid of her jersey and here are the two beauties, lying on the bed, starting to kiss at full mouths. The contrast between their two hair, their two skins, their breasts (small for Pauline, big but firm for Leila) drives me crazy.

Without procrastinating, Leila spreads Pauline’s legs and begins to lick her pussy violently, offering me a panoramic view of her pussy and her ass on all fours.
I have only one desire, get up and fuck her savagely, but no, I stay well raised and waiting to be invited into the dance.
Pauline reacts quickly to the urges of his girlfriend, and begins to moan gently without taking my eyes off? While taking her head with both hands, as to better guide her to his pleasure.

The show is terrible and I no longer resist the urge to undress? Story to be ready ‘Stealthily Leila glances at me, certainly finds my excitement and goes back to more beautiful to rummage the intimacy of the pretty blonde, putting his hand in passing his hand on her shaved pussy to stimulate herself?
I begin to masturbate slowly in front of this hallucinating spectacle, which, it seems, further reinforces the excitement of Pauline who does not let go of my eyes.

At the end of three or four minutes, Pauline beckons me to come, I get up, proudly erect and join the two beautiful ones on the bed.
I take a quiet place with Pauline and undertake to caress her breasts and enjoy the new angle of view on the voracious mouth of Leila plain action.
Of course, the hand of Pauline is placed on my balls she begins to massage gently.

It is at this moment that she enjoys strongly, bringing an air of satisfaction to Leila, who, the accomplished duty, comes to join my kisses.
This sensation of our three mouths is all new for me but what a delight!
Pauline stands up, and decides to lie on my back, which I accepted without discussion!

She still takes the cock in my hand and Leila takes his relay on my balls’ I go from mouth to mouth, I feel these hands, these four hands run my balls and my cock? I do not know if I will endure this treatment for a long time.

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