Sex all you want

Sex all you want

You can do whatever you want … I know it well, this kind of slut, even if the swallowing does not displease him, even if she asks for more kitty pussy, what she prefers is a round of male between the thighs. Real sluts! … your friends will feast when they are two or three on it. Because that’s what will happen to this dirty little whore, she will get caught everywhere, we will fill her pussy, but also, mouth and ass! I think she has never been ass fucked. I’m sure she’s an ass virgin. It’s not his little virgin who could have this kind of initiative. Maybe he did not even enjoy it! She knows how to give herself pleasure, but it’s still better to be impaled by the virile member of an expert fuck, like you Master.

While Mary allow themselves such comments, all in all just about my sex life, Sir Evans is unleashed in my shop. It’s true that he fucks like a god. I will not be long in exploding. I can not even analyze the innuendo, yet precise enough, the perverse cook. It seems to me that she talked about two or three guys about me? ! What should I understand? … And then to the devil … I’ll see when the time comes … I have to wait for everything now: They decided that I was at their service body and soul … especially body, because my soul, I think that they are completely dabbed. What they want is to have at hand a docile girl who agrees to spread her thighs and open her mouth, not just to talk. So let go of my daughter and enjoy good time …. No sooner is this reflection over than I feel the marquis explode in me with big cock strokes, which precedes my enjoyment that follows a short head

– Oh, the slut, he says, he’s good his apricot. What a bitch you do! You blew me the lead. You seem to have taken your foot too?
– Yesiiiiiiiiiii Master.
– How cute she is? “Yes Master,” she said! She retains her lessons. We will be able to go to the next step sooner than planned. She is very talented, she will go far this bitch …
Then Marie speaks, addressing me;
– It will now be necessary, in the future, that you do the housekeeping well after the marquis or another man fucked you …

And before my questioning mine, she grabbed the dick of Sir Evans and licks to remove all traces of sperm.

– … That’s it, like that! …

And she hugs me to share with me the flavor of Master’s liquor in a mixture of saliva and fresh sperm

– You have to taste it … these gentlemen often like to drool their big cocks in our mouths! You’ll see it’s you who will end up asking for it. It’s like sodomy, once you’ve tasted, you’ll beg on your knees to be buggered again. Now we let you rest a little!

They tenderly kissed me both, as would parents who kiss their child before a night’s sleep …

During the following days, they are only games of love. During the day, I go to my classes where I take care of the maintenance of the house. I hardly ever wear underwear, even in college. My classmates find me changed, more fulfilled. If they knew that I am the sex slave and consenting of a perverted homosexual couple!

With Mr. Marquis d’Evans, David, the ones I call Master and the cook, we have legs in the air every night. Real orgies. As Mary is rather tempted by girls, she often takes care of excite me, prepare me for my Masters licking my pussy, while Master Sir Evans fucking either his mate or the cook. I suck cocks, asses, boobs, dick that Master regularly stuffs me in the mouth for a cleanse after he is fucked David or Mary or me: In this situation I remain the “maid” because I have also clean each time the tail of David. I’m licking too. Marie especially, but also David who apparently likes this kind of practice.

One evening Master summoned Marie and me to the “conjugal” room for a trio of girls with Rose. He plugged the camcorder to keep a memory of this evening, but especially to show his friends how my education was accelerating:

– We need our friends to realize the evolution of this little slut. She will soon enter the world of libertinage, she must be perfect.
“You’re right, our Friday guests are fine connoisseurs,” said David. They want a commodity of choice and especially experienced. Aurelia must know and admit all the vices and delights of libertine parties. His education is almost over.


My first day on the chat

My first day on the chat

I stood in the middle of the living room and rubbed my eyes. I awoke from sleep a little while ago and it was already noon. I wanted to go to my study and see if there were girls on video chat. I turned on the computer and while he went upstairs I went to the kitchen to make coffee. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. These are the things I do right after I get up.

The water began to warm up and I made a glass of sugar and a cup of coffee. It was a hot day and I opened the windows to get some air into the apartment and cool it a bit. I heard knocking on the door and when I went to open I saw that it was my best friend, Amir.

The truth is that he is not exactly a friend, more in the direction of Yaziz. We fuck from time to time because neither of us has a boyfriend or girlfriend. That’s best, satisfy your needs without any obligation to the other side. I stood in the doorway holding the door handle and Amir looked at me. “Will not you invite me in?” He asked.

“Sure, the water is just boiling, you want coffee?” He said yes and went inside. I told him to close the door behind him and he did. I went into the kitchen and poured hot water into my glass. I took another glass and put it on the counter. I took the sugar can and pushed in the spoon to get a little. I suddenly felt that Amir was clinging to my back with one arm around me and the other moving my hair and combing it behind my right ear.

He whispered in my ear, “I have something for you …”. I thought he was talking about sex and I wanted to have coffee first. Just woke up. I told him it was still morning and I had not yet woken up. He said he had not talked about it and that he would tell me when we had our coffee. He walked away from me toward the living room. I finished pouring the coffee and went to the living room with the two glasses in both hands. I sat down next to him and asked what he had talked about.

He replied, “I have an idea for you, you do not work right now, the things you do, it’s not really a job, you earn pennies, leave you, I have a great idea for you … do you like sex right?” And it’s not clear. I nodded positively and he went on. “You can work in a video chat that you love so much, I can arrange you to work there if you want, of course, the income is crazy, and you do everything from home without going out at all …

I do not have to tell you how the work is done because you already know But if you want, I can arrange you to work there. He took a sip of coffee and smiled. I told him that I was a bit afraid that I did love to fuck but it was not like showing my body and pushing accessories and fingers to anyone looking. It’s different … He reassured me with crazy sex and I told him at the end that it might be interesting.

He turned on his connections and started working on it. I wanted to tell you about my first day at work … It was 21:00 and I went to work. I arranged the room so that I spread some fur pillows on the bed and put a red lamp in a dim light… Everything was romantic and ready. My first customer came into the room and asked how I was. I did not show my face at first so they would not recognize me but I only wore thong panties and black bra. We started talking a bit and he connected his camera.

I could see his big cock on the screen. We had not started yet and his cock was standing upright. I could see that he was sitting on a large leather chair. I lay on my stomach and corresponded with him. I had a laptop so it was quite comfortable on the bed … “So what do you want us to become a hunk?” “Let’s start by taking off your bra and looking at your beautiful breasts.” I took off my bra and pressed my tits close to the camera. He wrote, “Yes, yes … beauty … massage them with circles!”

I started to play with my breasts and pinch my nipples so he would be irritated. Then I took oil. “Do you want me to smear myself?” I asked, sitting down in front of the camera. He said yes and began to rub myself on my chest and massage. My breasts were very bright and I saw that he was rubbing his cock with his camera. I continued to massage and caress and he teased it terribly.

“Now take off your panties and see your sweet glass,” he wrote with one hand as the other hand did not stop rubbing his big thick cock. I pulled my panties down to my ankles and spread my legs right in front of the camera. He moved with the cock to the camera and rubbed. “Put your fingers in and enjoy yourself … I want to see you finish …”. I started to insert one finger at first and then added another. I saw that he liked the idea that he increased the pace and rubbed faster and more powerful. He asked if I had any accessories and told him I had a vibrator.

“Bring him?” I asked and he immediately wrote “Sure.” I took it and started pushing it into the glass. At first I inserted only the tip and then took out and rubbed the clitoris gently in a circular motion. Then I started pushing it deeper into my wet wet glass. He said he wanted to see the vibrator get into my ass.

At first I did not want it because it seemed very painful to me but I said to myself, “Damn, this is my first day, without limits!” I turned and was on my knees and hands. My ass hung in the air and I began to massage my anus with my fingers with a little oil. After the hole was ready and warm, I began to push the vibrator gently in. It took me a while to get in because my hole was narrow and small and the vibrator was big and thick but finally I managed. He went in and it was quite painful but after a few seconds it passed and I started to enjoy it.

I started pushing the vibrator in and out and at the same time, with the other hand, massaging the glass with all my strength and energy. A few minutes later I started to finish and take all my juices down on the bed. My whole body was shaking and the orgasm was wonderful … I turned and looked back at the screen.

I saw him rubbing his cock vigorously until he had finished and sprinkled everything on his stomach and hand. He cleaned it all with toilet paper he had on the table. “You were wonderful honey!” He wrote, adding, “From now on I’m just going to you … good night …”. I wrote him back good night and told him I would be here every day from 9pm …

Slut wives

Me and my ex

Me and my ex

“What are you doing here?” Oren asked Lilach as he opened the door and saw her in the doorway. “I just wanted to wish you luck, do not worry, I’m already going …” Now, if you do not mind, I have to finish a few things … “he said, and as soon as he saw that Lilach understood, he closed the door and she went … Lilach was Oren’s former girlfriend. She dumped him when he was in love with her over her head and she did not care at all.

She left him because she wanted to go to Eilat a little to work in the summer. They went together for two and a half years and she went south and left him alone in a broken house. It took him some time to recover and return to himself, but as soon as it happened, he promised himself that he would never come back to her. Since she returned north, it has been a year since, and since then she has not stopped courting him and is trying to persuade him to return to her.

She said she made a terrible mistake when she left him and asked him to forgive her, but Oren promised himself something and he is not going to forget it … Oren last year went out with a few girls but nothing serious. The truth is that he thought about Lilach quite a lot but did not want to make any mistake. She came to him today to wish him success in a job interview that he should just go to. He wanted to be hired in a large office and was just home, organized.

Lilach arrived and wanted to wish him luck. He does not really care about her. He had not forgotten what she had done to him when she left and drove south. After she left, Oren organized for an interview. He went into the bathroom and ran to fill the bath to soak and relax. He turned on the tap and let the water fill the place. Meanwhile, he went into the room and chose his most beautiful and impressive clothes.

He took out a pair of jeans he liked, underwear, a well-buttoned shirt, socks and shoes. He went back to the bathroom and saw that it was almost full. He added some foam and began taking off his clothes. The water was quite hot and Oren could not see himself in the mirror because everything was full of steam. After he stripped off all his clothes and was naked as he was born, he began to enter the hot tub.

He put his fingertips on his right foot and saw that the water was exactly the right temperature. He hurried inside and relaxed. For half an hour he lay there with his eyes closed and only thought of Lilach and how he behaved toward her. He felt he might be overdoing her and decided to behave better. All in all, it has been a long time and everything is forgotten. He can not be angry with her forever. While he was thinking, he began to remember the wonderful sex they had. He began to imagine her naked with her hard pink nipples in front of his face.

He remembered how he’d bite her nipples and hear her moan right into his ear. Her wet, wet glass would take out fluids on his cock every time he fucked her. He began to miss more and more. She did not get out of his head and he prayed that she would suddenly fall on him out of nowhere. He felt a bit of remorse for having thrown her out like that.

Suddenly he heard the bathroom door open and as soon as he turned his head he saw Lilach in the doorway, wearing nothing, looking at him with a smile and asking, “Do you need someone to scrub your back?” He smiled and motioned for her to come. She came in and stood at the end of the tub. She asked, spraying a little water on him.

He smiled and pulled her hand to let her in. She lifted one leg and put it in, then lifted the other leg and put it in as well. “I see someone here is happy to see me,” she said when she saw Oren’s cock sticking out of the water, hard and erect. She lay down beside him and began kissing him. Oren was madly horny and immediately began to reach for her big chest. He was soft under the water and he pinched her nipples to make them hard. The sound of a little groan filled the bathroom immediately and Oren became more and more horny.

Lilach grabbed his cock with one hand and began rubbing under the water. Oren put two fingers into her mouth and made sucking movements. She understood and went downstairs. She opened her mouth and began sucking his cock with sensual fervor. Everything was under water and she went out occasionally to get some air and then back down again. Oren groaned and closed his eyes. She continued sucking his cock with all her might, and added one finger that rubbed his anus. He continued moaning and put his hands on her head.

Every time he sucked he pushed more down to fuck her throat, deep inside. After a few minutes of wild sucking, she got up and sat on her knees. He reached out and stroked her chest. It was part of the water and foam. Oren liked it. He started down with his hand until he reached the glass. He inserted one finger and she began to sigh. He added another finger and began to fuck her with her fingers. She moaned louder and louder, and Oren did not stop, only increased the pace.

A few minutes later she began to tremble, water splattered everywhere and a tremendous orgasm swept over her shapely, wet body. Oren sat up more upright and Lilach went over to sit on it. He felt his thick cock penetrate deep into her narrow pussy. She screamed and screamed but Oren did not stop, just kept on fucking her faster and harder.

After a few minutes, Lilach finished a mad frenzy again. The entire floor of the room was filled with water. Oren set it up and left the bathroom. Lilach remained to sit on her knees and Oren stood in front of her with the cock erect and hard in front of her face. She began sucking the instrument until he began to finish and splashed everything on her face and chest. All his juices slid down her smooth body.

She swallowed what she could till the last drop… She stepped out of the tub and pressed herself against him. He looked at her and without words she slapped him on the cheek. He did not understand where it came from but suddenly he woke up and saw that all this time he was sleeping in the tub. His cock was hard in the water and he got out of the bathroom and began to masturbate. He was so horny he could not resist it.

After he had finished everything, Oren went to get ready for the interview. He dressed and dressed himself. Just as he came out the door his phone rang. He replied and it was Lilach who said she could not stop thinking about him and wanted to see him. He said he wanted to see her, too, and they set up a later date after he had returned from the interview. Oren successfully passed the interview and was accepted to.


A hot adult

A hot adult

It all happened that I was 15 years old during the summer vacation. Completely bored, I do not know what to do with myself when I decided to hitchhike to Tiberias. I waited on the main road when suddenly a new Mercedes stopped. Inside was an elderly woman of thirty-thirty years old with curly ginger hair, a slim body and a beautifully shaped chest. Question: “Where do you have to go?” I replied, “You’re on your way to Tiberias,” she replied, “I’ll go right there.”

I sat next to her and she asked, “What do you have to look for in Tiberias?” My eyes “nothing special, just burn some time.” She said “Oh really” and slid her hand on my thigh. I could not breathe and thought what she was doing. I was only one girl to this day, someone from my class, and this is an older woman! When she told me she had to stop for a minute at home and then we went on, I said, “There’s no problem.” When we got to her house she asked if I wanted to come in for a cold drink and innocently I said “Yes thanks I’m really thirsty”. I did not know what was inside. As we entered, she slammed the door…

Locked it up … bent down on her knees in front of me …. started moving her hands and rubbing her warm hand on my crotch. In a few seconds my cock stood up … Her head was in front of my waist … She slowly opened my trouser leg … She lowered my bottom and let out a sigh … In front of her eyes was the erect cock of a 15 year old boy … big, tense And only waiting for her. She grabbed him by the hand … started rubbing up and down … she looked up at me and whispered … “I can, I can.” But she did not finish the sentence … Only a few years later I realized she wanted to suck me She was ashamed to ask. This was the first time I understood the power of sex …

I knew that if I let her suck me now as she wants it will end in two or three minutes and then what? She said, “Not yet … play with him a little more.” She gave a little sigh after receiving the refusal. She looked me in the eyes and asked, “Do you want to undress and get into bed with me?” … I could not believe my ears That a beautiful old woman, a dream bomb wants me in her bed ?! She again asked “Well you want to?”

And without waiting for an answer, she pulled me into the bedroom. She put me on the bed and told me to undress and wait for her while she was getting ready. I lay on my back with my legs apart and my cock was as hard as a stone. She came out of the shower dressed in a sexy nightgown beneath which he peeked at a well-groomed glass with a drop of reddish hair. She climbed onto the bed … grabbed my cock … bent it lightly … and started to lick it with her soft warm tongue … again I felt like I was going to squirt her all over the face … she just loved It !!

She continued to lick my balls ….. She started sucking them … I reached for her breasts and started to massage them gently and play with the nipples … she was really boiling … so horny … but at the time I did not understand , It seems strange to me that such a woman can bring any man she wants to be here with me. She let out a groan … like a little girl … licking my cock … sucking him … rubbing him with his hand … and all this while she looks at me with amazing green eyes ….. I wanted so much But I knew she would be disappointed … I held back as much as I could. She lay down next to me on the double bed. She spread her legs.

She exposed her beautiful, wet glass. She lifted her legs up and shouted, “Fuck me, fuck me hard!” I climbed up and pushed her All the dick in the first blow …. I could not believe it all came in so smooth … well, it was wet and hot fire … Besides, her pussy has expanded enough over the years. I could feel him …. her hot pussy … Surrounding me all the dick …. His boiling lips … Wrap all my hard dick …. My dream feeling … Hovering … I did not want to take him out to the world!

She groaned and shouted, “Fuck me hard … I want you …” I did so … slowly at first … and then increases the pace … puts in and takes out … … feels all her juice dripping on me … I felt her feet wrapping me behind me … pushing my ass deeper into her … stronger … stronger … until I broke down and began to squirt her boiling current Into the glass … she screamed “nooooooooooooo He pulled me to her … grabbed my head … and pushed him in the direction of her pussy … She said, “Now it’s my turn to finish !! “… She crossed her legs and put her head in front of her wet glass … She said,” Now lick it … Eat it all. “Her glass dripped from my sperm … It was all white inside and out … Inside She looked like a white puddle … I do not remember how long I looked at me …

I lay there in front of him … Finally I closed my eyes … I moved closer and began to lick it gently ….. She began to moan in a gentle voice … I continued to lick .. Until the whole puddle disappeared … I licked the lips of the glass Put the tongue in … After a few minutes I looked at her …. She was shaking all over …. I saw her fingertips shriveled completely … And with one big scream I understood … She was done … She finished big! !!!!!


Black, repair me!


Blondy babes

Blondy babes

It’s been years since I walked in the street hand in hand with a man. And now I’m walking with my world hunk on stones, careful not to step in the water and let my man lead me. What an amazing river, some view, I just hope we’ll stop and fuck soon. After about half an hour of walking, he led me through a short dirt path until we reached the area of ​​grass and flowers around.

We stopped and he turned to me, moved my hair from the face that flew from the wind, put his hands on my cheeks and kissed me on the nose. After a few small kisses, he opened his mouth and felt his tongue, we kissed and kissed, he was so romantic I felt a shudder in my back as he put his hand under my shirt and stroked it. He slipped his hand down until he reached his leg, where his hand stopped and moved in.

He started to unzip my pants and gave it to him I could not stop him even if I wanted He made me so good and gave me such a wonderful feeling I waited for this moment, he laid me on the grass and took off my clothes, I did not try to take his back, I wanted to give him full control over me. I wanted to feel like a queen, as if the whole world belonged to me and his only purpose at the moment was to please me.I lay down on my back and did not move, and he began to feel my chest and arms.

He wrapped my right breast in his palm and squeezed my nipple, I wanted to tell him that he could pinch me hard because it was exactly how I loved but I was silent, I let him lead and be free to do as he wanted. Even a finger. At last he took off his pants and underwear. I looked between his legs and saw that his cock was not yet awake. How can it be? We’ve been getting along like this for a while and still do not have it. I debated whether to start doing it by hand, but I decided not to.

I did not want to ruin my experience. I wanted to be the queen and he would do all the “work.” Suddenly we heard the sound of giggles. I panicked and got up to see what was happening. In front of us was a group of about ten girls, I was even impressed that I usually do not look at girls like that, they wore sportswear, jerseys and shorts, and I think without bras, all the girls, each one is a beautiful model.

They were blondes like those that you see only in the movies, and after they went down I lay back on the grass and looked at my man between his legs. When the blond blondes passed, he lay down on me, and suddenly all his gentleness disappeared, without foreplay and without clarifying whether I was ready He immediately put his cock into my pussy, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

We breathed heavily and fucked as if none of us had had sex for 10 years, I felt like I never felt, his body stuck to mine because we were sweating with excitement, I knew I would never have such a good and powerful fuck. From all over the world and I completely forgot that there is no contraceptive. I was so stoned that I did not even think about getting pregnant. I felt I was going to finish but I did not tell him. We continued to fuck and then when I reached the peak moment, I could not help myself and scratched him in the back and shouted like crazy. Apparently it affected him and he also shouted with me and we finished together. It took us a few minutes to relax and the truth is that I did not want him anymore.

That’s me, after my conquests I do not want any more contact with the man. “If you want to run after the blonde blondes we’ve seen before, it’s okay, I know the way back,” I told him sincerely. He looked at me, gave me a kiss on the cheek, smiled and began to dress. He muttered something to call me the next day but I knew it was not true and I hoped it was not true either. That’s it, he ran to hunt the blondes.