You put a little slap and you say

You put a little slap and you say

We go to the lounge for an aperitif, you sit on the couch next to Helen, your friend and I sit on chairs. We drink a glass, Helen asks you how you knew me, you explain that we were in high school together, you tell how you had typed one of my friends in the toilet one day you left me in the room study do a homework for you, your friend laughs, I lower my eyes a little.

You ask me to serve you again, and every time I come out of the room to go get some drink, you and your friend drag you my wife, you make him compliments on his cleavage. She is quite short skirt, and inevitably when she sits on the couch the skirt goes up and you see the top of her thighs.

When it’s her turn to look for something to drink, you follow her and you stick to her in the kitchen a little, like nothing. Same thing when your friend accompanies him the next shot, except that he puts his hand in the buttocks and she sticks a little slap, but not nasty.

We go to the table, I almost do not speak, you’re sitting next to Helen, and your friend is on the other side, you have fun stroking her thighs under the tables, she pushes your hands, more or less it shows and I’m in front, but it does not seem to bother you.

You speak with her, you laugh, you are comfortable. At one moment you get up to look out the window: everyone sees a huge hump under your pants, your friend laughs “Hey Fabrice, you’re at attention!” You smile without answering, Helen can not get his look at your huge erection.

You tell me “come to the kitchen”, I have to tell you something. “I follow you, head down, well submissive, you walk in. There, in the kitchen, you say” go break, it becomes hot, I’m going to rust, your slut “I do not answer, I hesitate a little before letting you master of the place.

You put a little slap and you say, louder” go get fucked asshole, I’ll kiss your wife “, you take your tail in your hand, through your pants, and you say showing me this bump” you’ve seen, I need the rod, I can not anymore. “You give me a little slap, and there I crack, I have tears in my eyes, I say “ok, but where am I going?” and you answer “I jerk off asshole, you get stuck;

You just have to say that you forgot a big file in your office and that you need it for tomorrow, and you arrange to put at least an hour before going home, the time that I link it well in all directions. “I do not answer anything, I have no will, it is your will that is required, I feel absent from my body, only subject to your will dominant male.

We come back in the living room, your cudgel is more and more visible through the pants, you say “fabien has something to say”, and while looking down I say “I must absolutely go looking for an important file in the office, I have it for a moment, eat the dessert without me … “.

Everyone understood ; my wife answers “ok” with an altered voice, your friend laughs softly. I go out immediately, cheeks on fire, the brain completely returned. You are laughing frankly.

As soon as I go out, you approach Helen, you say “go I want a kiss, your husband is no longer there, you saw how I am?”, She smiled, pretend to resist, you put your hands on her hips, she turns her head smiling, you kiss her neck murmuring “it’s you my dessert”, she says “you exaggerate, it’s no matter what “with a small voice excited, you put a hand on one of her breasts through her bodice, she does not struggle, you finally reach his lips and you start to roll a good shovel, she gives you back, while your left hand caresses one of her big breasts and your other hand goes down on the top of her thigh. Your friend say “eh y’en have for everyone I hope”, and you sign him yes.

While continuing to kiss my wife on the mouth and in the neck and caress more and more directly, you tell him “must hurry, we have an hour to make you cum”, she caresses your shoulders and your pecs, the game is won for you. You untie her bodice, and she finds herself in white lace bra. You let go 2 seconds and you take off your pants, your friend is sitting and he dares stroking his cock through his jeans.

At that moment, I go home, I’ve been out for barely 2 minutes, I see you in boxing with your pants in hand and your cock that makes a huge lump, and my wife standing next to you in bra , red cheeks. I stammered “I forgot to take the keys of my office …” and you smile, you tell me “well go get them and leave us”. I’m running, and I slam the door out.

As soon as I came out of the apartment, you look at Helene and you roll your eyes, she smiles with a look too sorry, and your friend laughs “

My lips had found hers instinctively.

My lips had found hers instinctively.

We had left each other cordially in the parking lot of my group of houses after an afternoon on the terrace of a cafe facing the sea which cradled our words. It was a tear to leave him, to stay at home, to see my friends having fun while I did not have the heart to that.

Everything was a whirlwind of thoughts in which I could not get my head out of the water. But everything changed when I received a message on my phone from him: “I could not leave tonight and leave you, I wanted to kiss you and taste the scent of your lips so luscious but you seemed so fragile, I’m waiting for you on the parking lot, spend the night with me, I beg you. ”

I collected my belongings and ran out of the apartment to the parking lot. He was leaning against his car and his gaze was directed towards me, my shadow, my absence as if he had always waited for me. I rushed into his arms, so big, so comforting.

My lips had found hers instinctively. It was as if the weather had transported us in a second in this hotel room, on this bed where we had spent the night kissing, undressing, caressing, touching, watching. .

She was lying in that huge bed like a mermaid who would have found rest on the edge of a hot sand beach. Her auburn hair had a porcelain face, covered with freckles. She kept in her child’s soul, it looked like a beautiful doll delicate and so strong at a time. She was wearing only my white shirt ajar at the chest.

She was so beautiful and desirable, I wanted her, to feel her, to hear the deep sound of her voice and her sighs when she took pleasure.
I kissed his cold hands. She was starting to wake up and looking at me with her big blue eyes.

I took her in my arms, she let herself be done. I took off his shirt and was able to enjoy his naked body completely unveiled, I had stripped it with a lot of sweetness as you tear the petals of a rose. My fingers roamed her breasts so firm and white where nipples were already beginning to point. I lowered my hands to her hips and her belly and finally arrived at her cave of love.

She was already wet, as if she had been waiting for me all night long, that she had desired me. She claimed my sex in it. My love then whispered to me the words I was expecting so much: “I want you, make love to me.”
My cock sank into her vagina gently and deeply, I felt relax. I was so moved that she offered herself to me at this moment. She looked so scared, I wanted to offer her all the love I had for her. I made love to her as she deserved.

My hands in his. My sex in his. My mouth against his mouth. These slow round trips gave us immense enjoyment, I did not want to accelerate to enjoy every moment.

Our enjoyment came at the same time, I flooded her sex with my seed, I blessed her for having offered me so much. I felt it tremble in my arms. I was so jealous of all those men who had tasted his skin, angry at the man who had hurt him and forced him to so much filthy things. She was mine, my princess, my Bonnie, my love, the woman of my life, the one I’ve always been waiting for …

The sweet lips of the young lady sliding

The sweet lips of the young lady sliding

A meeting, a look … And here they are, a few minutes later away from prying eyes, in a room adjacent to that of the reception. Their hands sliding on the body of the other, devouring the look, and the thought of being surprised exciting them even more .

They know practically nothing of each other, or even their respective names .. and yet they are here, letting their desire prevail. This wild desire is that of the pleasure of the flesh.

The sweet lips of the young lady sliding along the male neck, blowing a slight breeze at the jerked breathing and sometimes kissing and sometimes, gently nibbling the offered neck, while he slips his hands under the sweater of the young lady caressing practically every patch of skin.

A long kiss exchanged while their bodies are rubbing and pressing against each other, filled with desire. Then gestures somewhat hasty, each removing the pieces of clothing from the other between kisses and caresses.

Feel the hard sex against her, caress him for a few moments through the last rampart that separates them. Sliding his hands under the boxer made too narrow, caress her buttocks and then gently down to his feet and kneel before the cock proudly stretched in front of her, for her.

Put a few kisses on it, lick it up and down, make some circular movements around the glans with its tongue, then take it in the mouth for some back and forth. Hear her moans, then whisper in her ear that she wants to feel it in her, before sucking a little earlobe. To be glued against the wall a little abruptly then to take at once practically savagely.

Escape a long complaint of pleasure and still others according to the movements of kidneys and the sensations that they bring to him. Slip her legs around her waist, cling to her neck, hold onto those hair. Continue kisses, more and more passionate. To moan him to continue that she likes that while he caresses these breasts while pursuing these movements. Change position, find yourself on the ground, over it and control the movements.

To see him taking pleasure by having a privileged view on the contact between the two sexes. He puts his hands on her hips, the guide a little, as she arches gently, moaned a little more. He warns him that he will come.

At the same moment she trembles slowly and escapes a long moan while feeling the hot liquid in her. A few kisses, a few short moments … then they get dressed, say thank you … and leave each on their own side, as if nothing of this had ever happened.

So she leaves the second room, having a thought for her boyfriend who waits wisely next door, having no idea what has just produced and this is less than a hundred meters from him.

We had a great afternoon together recently

We had a great afternoon together recently

She arrived more smiling than usual, as if she was carrying a particularly good news. As always, I could not help but look at her from head to foot, to find out what my eyes were going to be able to feast. And in my head, an alarm signal went off. We had a great afternoon together recently, and I was open to her about my relationship problems, my repeated fantasies, the danger of my monogamy, and especially my attraction to her. She was closest to a best friend, and I also told her that I did not want to ruin that.

But she was there, in front of me, with her pretty blue night skirt, in this extremely tight black tank top, and – oh my god – I could not see the straps of her bra. For a brief moment that must have seemed an eternity, my eyes could not detach from its very short neckline, looking for a hypothetical curve that would have delighted my imagination. From what I knew, only to have them seen, she had breasts rather small but very harmonious.
– It’s okay ?
Abrupt reminder to reality.
– Yes, yes, thank you, and you .

We return to my apartment, to be able as expected to take advantage of the absence of my girlfriend to work on our audiovisual projects in order to better prepare our L3 next year. We exchange some banalities, a joke or two, and a ball is formed in my lower belly while I feel a certain redness settle on my face; without being able to say if one caused the other or not. I take advantage of the conversation to revel in his face. I swing between his blue eyes and his thin lips that I dream to kiss for a long time now. A long lock of her fair hair comes between us and interrupts my reverie.

I put my thoughts in order, I pick up the thread of the conversation as best I can. Yes, I have to talk to her about the script she asked me for her animated movie attempt. I remember a heavy joke about a daring story I imagined between us to tell him about a real idea, wiser and smarter. I struggle not to rush on her. This afternoon will be even longer and more painful than the previous ones. Damn she’s beautiful. I swallow, I concentrate.

She gets up, she goes to drink. And suddenly I’m watching her buttocks shamelessly, what a shame. It’s all the more difficult to bear that she even told me to love her buttocks, she considers them as her only asset. I’ve already wronged her, but I nuanced my comment with a “from what I’ve seen” more subtle … She dropped something, she leans forward, and here’s what an erection is pointing the tip of his nose … pity no.
She returns, her smile still wide. I would not be so uncomfortable, I think I would be as happy as she is.

I do not know where we were in the conversation. I can only think of his body and all the ways that I could have to kiss him. My pelvis begins to tense, my cock starts to hurt. I go to the bathroom to put it back in my boxer more comfortably; I’m hunting to give the change. I come back with the heart that beats terribly loud, and a strange heat that invades me.

When I sit down, I let out a sigh.
– Are you sure you’re okay ? You’ve looked a little weird since earlier.
Hang in there.
– Yeah yeah that’s okay, I’m just a little on the nerves excuse me.
– What’s going on, do you want to talk about it?
– Uh … Honestly, it would be a little embarrassing to talk about it. And I do not want to bother you with my problems.
Good game. Dumbass.

– Oh stop, with all the problems we have already settled each other, one more or less eh … And you know very well that it makes me as much good as pleasure to help you. Come on tell me.
– Ok … Ok. I’m sorry. How do you say that … I have more and more trouble spending time with you without feeling some shame. I’ve already told you how pretty I think you are .

And, well, as we are in summer, I can not blame you for dressing lightly, but I can not take it anymore. With all that we share, with all we have been able to say and all that is wrong in my life; with all the good that you do to me, I have the impression of falling in love with you. When we are both alone like that, the whole world disappears in my head, I just want to think no more consequences, and I just want to make love to you.

Silence falls. She stares at me, seemingly not understanding everything. She does not seem to know how to react. How to blame her? Damn what a jerk, I ruined everything … Tears come to my eyes, I mumble excuses and I go to the door to let her go.

Tightening my breasts strongly

tightening my breasts strongly

My whole body tightened under this order which I considered degrading. But what exactly did I expect?

It was a few days ago even a few months ago; This man I met in this park. An old man who was looking for someone to talk to, I said to myself. What an error, as soon as my number was naïvely given it must be said was a mistake when he told me that he could be very generous if I was very tender. I laughed nervously.

The next day and the next day he called me. Young student without really money, the weeks passed, then the months and finally yet another bill and another umpteenth call. After all, he’s so old that I’m not risking anything. The idea was making its way and the bait of easy money too. I was then the mistress of a married man, who in any case would not leave his wife for me and I knew it and accepted it.

But his wife’s suspicions and a mutation prevented us from seeing each other. In any case, it was only him that it prevented, while I was looking for enough to provide for my life by odd jobs and the journeys that led me to the man I loved and whom I did not will remain only a fun. So that old man, Jean, 80 years old at least .. what would he have done to me by a few caresses against large sums of money. What were small caresses after all?

Here I am then on the landing of his door, in light little dress and heel. A young woman of 24 years old. Neither really beautiful nor really ugly. Neither fat nor thin. hip, generous bust and waist. The long hair of a golden brown, big black eyes.

The door opened on a man with overweight, dotted hair and white, a rather round nose and obviously folds on the face, on his hand, on his body that I imagined then. I did not know what to do, I wanted to leave but I stayed. I sat down to her invitation in her Baroque-style living room adorned with thousands of books. Apartment opulent in full Paris. Here I am reassured on one point, the money was not his concern.

He only wanted the fresh flesh of a young woman, enjoy one last time before his big trip. I understood the thing. It is true that a man of his age had little chance of ending up with youth in his hands unless he paid the price. I was his Marie Duplessis, His Marguerite Gautier, His Lady with Camellias at this moment. A gift. A necklace. Another.

White stockings. Another. A matching garter belt and he came to take his thanks. Tense as I was. He walked his hands over my body. He told me I was beautiful. He continued to slide the top of my dress and put me in a bra. He stopped in front of the show. Taste my skin.

His expert hands on my body went down to my intimacy that was moistening despite myself. He gently lifted the bottom of my dress up to graze my panties while taking in his hand one of my breasts too big for him, squeezed it before releasing it from his yoke made of lace. He approached his mouth to introduce my nipple while my head escaped backwards.

He touched my little button again with his other hand before tightening my breasts strongly, with so much force that a cry tore from my throat. He looked at me. He smiles at me. He told me to think about it and that I could leave for this time. I put everything back in place and was about to leave when he told me.

Fuck me Ric

fuck me Ric

Marie has just set up in a small studio in the city center and luckily not far from the clothing store where she works. New job manager, a lot of work, but it’s great! His studio is in a pedestrian street, it’s also nice, a little noisy but hey it’s life!

Marie likes, when she can, stroll in the small streets of the center with its shops and terraces. One day, at random of her walks, she discovered a small establishment on a corner, “the Club” opaque window, door with a peephole and only open from 22 hours until morning.

Curious as she is, she went there one evening to see. It is a small cozy place with a bar, a few tables and a dance floor. The place where you can spend a quiet evening alone without being bothered by big heavy!

So this Saturday night, after a busy week, Marie decides to go to what has become her favorite place. She quickly found the quiet little table in a corner, where she can see the whole room. Marie likes to look at people discreetly! Today, there are not many people, some couples accustomed to the place. Marie then notices a new couple a little to his right.

The man in his fifties, athletic as they say, well preserved with a suit of good quality, certainly a big house. The woman who accompanies her, the thirties blonde, very beautiful with beautiful forms. She too is dressed classily with a short black dress, stockings and high heels. A beautiful couple is called Marie. The evening is quiet. She also noticed that the couple often looked at her by exchanging a few words.

The music is good and here is Marie on the track. She dressed sexy, small blouse well bent, small black skirt corolla bouncing on her buttocks, no stockings but beautiful black underwear that can be guessed when she dances and well on heels. Wow! She knows that we look at her, especially the couple who does not leave her eyes. After a few minutes, the couple comes?
join her. The current goes well between them here they dance together. The music changes and all three decide to have a drink together. It’s Richard and she’s Claire. Here are the presentations.

The evening continues, Marie learns that Richard is the brother of the boss of the box, but that they had not come long ago. So to celebrate it: champagne !! Offered by the boss of course! Marie feels invaded by a sweet languor. Claire approached Marie and finally put his hand on his thigh. Richard saw it and smiled without saying anything.

Marie, a little surprised lets herself go. The hand of clear back along the thigh by stroking. Mary’s breathing accelerates, she realizes that it starts to excite her! Richard got up and addresses his brother “we can up” his brother nods. Claire takes Marie’s hand and goes with Richard to a staircase hidden by a curtain.

Marie is carried away by this adventure and here they are in front of a door on the floor. Richard opens the door. A small room with a large bed and dim light. Marie decided to “let go” and make the most of it.

Claire and Marie kiss on the mouth, Richard, behind Marie, untie her blouse and caress her breasts. She feels the excitement of Richard against her buttocks. She decided to take things in hands and undresses Claire, his hands caress her beautiful chest, breasts firm and sharp.

Richard removed Mary’s blouse and support, her right hand went under her skirt and caressed her buttocks. Marie’s hands are lost on Claire’s body, her breasts, her belly, her beautiful ass and her sex … Marie marks a pause! It’s a man’s sex! Claire and Richard burst out laughing, Claire is a “trans” Marie, with a mischievous smile kneels and takes Claire’s cock in the mouth and sucks him to the hilt. Richard kisses and caresses Claire.

After a moment, Richard invites Marie on the bed, there it is between the two. Claire’s breasts are rubbed to Marie’s, her hand and fingers penetrate the wet sex, Richard, naked also slipped behind Marie, kissing her back and buttocks and her little hole. Marie feels the language of Richard penetrate her little ass, the sensation is great.

Now Richard has introduced one and two fingers in the anus of Marie with movements back and forth that make her moan softly especially that Claire’s fingers, titillates are clit. A wave of well being invaded Marie. Claire smiles at Marie and with a single stroke penetrates her, Marie lets out a cry and accompanies Claire in the movements. Richard is also cadence with his fingers. Marie lives a moment that she has not yet known, but she wants more! She hears herself say: “fuck me Ric”.

My ass is it to your taste

My ass is it to your taste

Well, did you bring what I asked you?
– Yes Miss.

He handed the little velvet bag. She opened it and took out the metal chastity belt it contained. He did not expect such indiscretion and felt his cheekbones flush as he scanned the surroundings lest they be seen. That made her laugh.

– Do not be embarrassed, the sun goes down, look there is hardly anyone!

He watched her put the belt back in her holster and slipped it into her purse.

– Do you also fulfill the second condition?

As she pronounced these words, she put her hand on the thigh of Matthew and let it slide to feel the sex of her lover through the jeans.

– Yes miss, I have no underwear.
– It’s good. I want to feel your cock hard under your pants.

These few words immediately made their effect, and she caressed him gently to accompany this uncontrollable swelling.

– Why are you here ?
– I wish to become your submissive miss.
– Hum, are you ashamed?
– No miss …
– Then look me in the eye and repeat the good distinctly.

He had spent weeks unveiling his fantasies in writing and masturbating under his guidance and yet he could hardly control his embarrassment to pronounce his words against his mistress. He gathered his spirits and turned his gaze to that of Helina.

– Allow me to become your submissive, miss.
– That’s much better!
– And how will you serve me if I put your tail in a cage?
– With my tongue miss …

She gave him a broad smile and, while his hand pressed his caresses a little more against the now tense sex of Matthew, she leaned in his ear to whisper …

– I’m going to make you my little whore …
– Yes Miss…
– Look how it excites you, your tail looks very cramped.

She scratched the limb of her long carmin nails and, through the jeans, the sensation was incredibly stimulating.

– Would you enjoy in your pants if I asked you?
– Please miss…

She immediately stopped her caresses. She turned, grabbed her purse and jumped up leaving her lover dumb and stupefied.

– Follow me !

He followed suit with enthusiasm. He followed her contemplating his silhouette without thinking about the path she took. The park was huge and small squares dotted it. The joggers still present now counted on the fingers of the hand.
She stopped near one of the smaller buildings, further away than the others. She took him by the hand and dragged her to the back, where they could no longer be seen. Back to the wall she took her hands and put them on her hips. She laid a kiss on her cheek and said:

– Show me that you are ready to obey me, put yourself on your knees.
He complied, scarlet with embarrassment. She turned, and lifted her dress, offering him the view of her beautiful buttocks. A white lace thong put them more in value and made this view more stimulating. Still, he did not know if he had the right to look at her and turned his head.

– Kiss my submissive buttocks!

Hesitant, he laid a first kiss, then a second. His skin was soft and warm, a smell of monoi filled his nostrils as he deposited other kisses on this dreamy hind. Leaning against the wall, Helina looked at him with an amused eye. She then passed her hand under her thong and spread it. Holding her firmly, she held out her index finger towards her anus and said:

– Lick me here!

At these words his cock jumped in his pants. He was getting really excited about the situation and put his hand on his thigh to relieve a little the embrace of the jeans.

– Take off your submissive hand! Put them in your back!

He then put his tongue in the place asked and gave shy laps. The hand of his mistress came to browse his skull and seizing by the hair, she pressed her mouth against her buttocks. He was then more insistent and felt the groans of Helina that pleased him.

– Search me, I want to feel your tongue in me!

Each of the words she uttered resounded like a thunderclap in the lower part of XXX’s belly, which gave way more and more to her role as her excitement grew.
She began to caress her clit with her other hand, and also saw that her body began to betray her emotions. Her thong was now soaked and when her fingers reached her sex she made the same observation, which enchanted him. She then slipped a finger in his intimacy while stimulating himself with the palm of his hand. After a few minutes she straightened up without warning. She turned to face him.

– Did you like it ? My ass is it to your taste?
– Yes Miss !

She looked at her fingers wet with excitement and handed them to him.

– Lick!

I enjoyed without ejaculating

I enjoyed without ejaculating

I felt his hand tighten this penis all hard but firm without excess.

As I promised him, he could kiss me. His lips touched mine and his tongue began to search in search of mine.

He had one hand on my hip, the other holding my member so wet, on which he exercised constant back and forth. No need for lubricant. Then he let go of the bar and stroked my buttocks again, entering their furrow to reach my little chasm with which he played for whole minutes, even ventured to lick him greedily. He went from one face to the other. He did not know where to turn, so he had the freedom of choice.

I felt pleasure too and I felt the pressure rise. My lower abdomen burned me to the testicles. I had to stay. To his surprise, I undressed him, he let himself go. It was not what you could call a handsome man, but it excited me to see him, almost embarrassed to be naked in front of a kid. The contrast of our bodies was such that I was even more excited than him. I arrived at my ends. He was now my thing and he had paid for it.

He was now doing after so many brave initiatives. I discovered a huge sex compared to mine. His bluish glans was shiny, his testicles were at least twice the size of mine and hung below, his skin was brown. I seized our two sexes and rubbed them together, what a contrast of colors. Mine was all pink and my glans was half his. I was ashamed for once. Our secretions mingled while I rubbed them both with my hands.

I got on my knees and caressed his intimacy, but I was more experienced on this side, and I knew where to take it so that it would not explode too quickly. I had so excited that his cock was sticky in my hand, ditto for me. It was a minefield of which I knew the location of each detonator and avoided them carefully. As a welcome gift, I began a blowjob of this body so thick and so ignorant of pleasure. He panted under the effect of my tongue, for the first time we sucked.

He wanted to do the same with my cock and knelt to lick, running his tongue in the furrow of the brake, then digging the small hole that kept oozing salty oil. He was thrilled.

In my turn I explored his body with flabby flesh of my expert hands. I had found exactly what I was looking for, the perversity, the absolute and immoral taboo, I almost disgusted myself with having fun for that. I was sure of the vindictiveness of the censors of morality. My hands now roamed his entire body. In my turn I kissed him, and this time I put my tongue on it.

I lay down on the bed, pushing away the belt that would soon be used. For more than half an hour he played with me, his hands, his fingers, his tongue and even that wide penis did not forget any cm² of my body. With all his saliva on it, my cock did not need much lubricant when he masturbated. He asked me to put on my stomach, kneeling his head on the bed to offer my rump well apart. Another half-hour went to lick my little anus, to run his fingers over it, and even to push a delicately in it.

That’s it, the storm was on us and was unleashed outside.

After he had played well, thoroughly searched, I picked up my belt and put it in his hand and then I lay flat on my stomach.

– Whip me!
– Yes give me blows on the buttocks!

He hesitated, told me he could not. That he did not want to hurt me. I insisted, it was not a wish but an order, and for that, in exchange, I would allow him to penetrate me afterwards.

I put my head on the pillow, he raised his arm, and the belt folded in two fell a first time, softly on my buttocks well bounced, I cried:

– Stronger ! Whip, I want it to slap!

This time he knocked hard, I let out a little cry. He knocked again, more forcefully this time. It was good. He let himself be carried away, he struck again and again but without exaggeration. When he finally understood the pleasure that I took there, then he took a liking to what he was doing. I had to restrain myself, to contain myself so as not to unload right away so much I took pleasure, the Big One! I enjoyed without ejaculating. I sweated heavily and he too.

We got entwined, our hands slid all alone on our shiny bodies. Everything was just kisses and caresses. We could not, we stopped constantly to let the desire to ejaculate and last as long as possible.

So I finally gave him his reward. I smoked her sex with Vaseline I had brought. I knelt down, my head resting on the bed and simply said.

What a sweet dick

What a sweet dick

-The guy greets me and says:
“It feels good a bit of sport but at night I do not know if it’s very good to sleep!”
– I answer him: “Yes I agree but what is cool at night is that there is nobody and we do not have to wait for the machines”.

Then do the same thing as me, he sits down and drinks his little mixture too.
After regaining my spirits, I take off my tank top, take off my shoes, remove my sock and my shorts.

Inside my bag after staying in boxing, I take my own towel and my shampoo and run to the shower.
In the shower, I feel my whole body and my muscles tense, it’s a really beautiful feeling, the moment that I prefer after the sport.
Then I hear:
– “By the way, my name is Yann”
I do not know at all why the guy tells me that but I answer him:
– I’m Francois!

“François, I can ask you for a shower gel, I forgot” he tells me
– “Yes, no problem”
I open the door of my shower so I can give him the shower gel
– “Thank you Francois!” then he goes back to his shower.
– “François”
– “Yes Yann”
– Can I ask you a question ?
– I saw you earlier shirtless and I want to take a shower with you.

It is then that a little surprised by this request I feel completely disoriented and answers him:
– “Uh, uh, I never took a shower with stranger and even less with a man”
– Yann said to me: “You know me I love my wife but from time to time I discover other things”
After receiving this proposal, I feel my cock swollen in the shower and have thoughts that I already had but there we are in the real world.
– Listen I’m completely new to the subject and I do not like the vulgarity, the lock of my shower and now open.

That’s when Yann opens the door of my shower, I’m back to not meet his eyes. He embraces me with his arms and begins to kiss me in the neck. Take me by the waist and make me turn. Our faces are now face to face. Pretty good shave, green eyes. It is then that he approaches his mouth with my mouth and I feel his hot tongue inside my mouth while hot water flows on our bodies. While lavishing a beautiful rolling tongue, his hands down my buttocks and a sudden gesture attracts his cock against mine.

I start to caress him too and do not stop kissing him. I love his lips against mine, then I go down on his chest and began to suck her nipples that point like crazy.
I drop my mouth to his navel and continues to caress his buttocks.
I’m almost kneeling in front of his jewel of 17 cm thick and well shaved.
– Looking at him in the eyes I ask him softly:
“I can”.
– Yann answers me: “Of course, you’re going”

I now open my mouth and I still feel his penis grow in my mouth I go back and forth, his penis and beautiful I love to feel swollen in my mouth. I hear Yann make a big moan. I spend my tongue above and below his foreskin and I look at it and takes it in the mouth.

What a sweet dick, I love sucking. I always make great come and go and I feel that it will come in my mouth. He tries to get out of my mouth but I hold him by my firm hands to signify that I want everything from him. I want to feel his cum in my mouth and go down my throat.
– Yann said to me: “François, François, no, no!”
And he unloads everything, the taste of his sperm is pretty good and as it is hot I savor it in the mouth and the meaning flow in my throat.

Yann takes my head with his hands and without a single word wraps me in more beautiful and embraces me and begins to wash all parts of my body.
– Well, if it’s the first time and well I can tell you that you’re better than my wife.
– Thank you, I said, kissing him.
– You know I do not want you to leave like that François
– I answer him that I still want him but that my deepest desire is a 69 between man.

Yann takes my hand and takes me out of the shower naked to take me to the sauna located next to the locker room of the gym.
He lies on the bench and begins to give me a beautiful blowjob.
Yann stops and says to me:
– Now that I’m fit again, I’ll grant you my little man and he gets on all fours above me so that I can take his cock in the mouth while he takes mine. Then considering the situation after just a few back and forth, I feel my pleasure mounted more and more, I try to constrain but I can not do it anymore.

And my semen escapes with a small jet jerky in his mouth. But I can not bring myself to leave Yann at rest so I continue to suck him until he comes too and again I swallow his seed with delight.
He stands up and takes me.

Between my shoulder blades and kissed me languidly

between my shoulder blades and kissed me languidly

If I had to describe myself at that time, I would say that I was tall, helpful, adventurous and eager to know the things of love. She had already had a friend with whom it had ended badly. She told me that they had made only a few preliminaries but with her childhood friend, she had learned “a lot about the guys.” I could not believe his audacity, his femininity and his passion. I was captivated to see how comfortable she was with her body, that she never refrained from showing, whether it’s just her belly, a cleavage or her long slender legs young woman. His nose was slightly straight and his mouth luscious but well drawn. When she smiled I saw fine lines appear on the corner of her lips and I liked how the edges of her nose rolled up slightly. She sported some very cute freckles.

One night, after buying an ice cream and a hot chocolate in a traveling stall for my sweet lover, we decided to go to the central lake because there was a quiet wood where we could talk quietly.
When we arrived near the lake, it was already late at night. The night was dark because clouds obscured the moon. We only had a cell phone with a dim light to light us and tried to move us between the bushes and the trees lining a clearing next to the lake. When I moved the laptop lamp with one hand, I froze and she followed the gesture. We heard strange little noises. As I listened, I concentrated on the source of these noises.

I understood then with a smile. It was the sound of wet mouths and tongues slipping into each other’s mouths and muffled groans. By concentrating better, I heard noises of tight clothing, liquid squirting under the repeated assault of ferret fingers. Making the false naive, I brandished the lamp on a couple in full frolic. A Tunisian was jerked by an Austrian while putting his hand in her panties. My heart was pounding and I think I insisted a little too much because the couple stopped to throw me a “duuuude” but I was fascinated by the hand of this Austrian, with the fingers so thin, enclosing a column of flesh and by the hand of this Tunisian whose movements I divined through the fabric of his partner’s purple breeches.
I turned to light the place and discovered that the place was full of couples in heat. I then turned to Anna and told her that we had to find another place … I was afraid of her reaction to this surge of hormones and marine scents. She was smiling.

She stared at me, put one hand on my neck, the other between my shoulder blades and kissed me languidly. She put her upper lip between my lips and her lower lip gripped mine hard. I felt his breath cut mine and I closed my eyes, full of pleasure. Nothing else mattered anymore. For the first time, I felt a tongue pass my lips to get on mine and titillate gently. I answered this call by turning my tongue around hers and ending by closing my lips gently on her tongue to “suck”. She looked at me with sparkling eyes and told me to listen to the antics that went on almost at our feet. The Tunisian made his partner moan. I felt my Anna holding her breath to listen but her heart pounding hard in her chest. ” It makes you what ? She asked me. I did not know what to say so I answered “good, … a lot of things” with a smile a little embarrassed.

I still looked at her, but I was really starting to feel desire rising in me. I knew that I had not responded well to her request as she pressed her gaze and kissed me languidly. In the silence of my head, I felt my body responding to its call of language. My cock began to swell slowly, I felt every beat of my heart to make this cock grow fat … My glans began to come out of his foreskin and I felt a light liquid moisten the tip of my pink glans. I guessed I start to rub lightly against my underwear, which gave me a delicious flash of pleasure that ran my tail to go up in my belly. I felt then my balls harden slightly. I sounded a “oh! She stopped kissing me and asked, “Then? In a charming smile. I replied “it makes me hard …”. She replied, “I hope so.” She took me by the hand and we left this kissodrome under the moans of end of female enjoyment of the Austrian.

We then headed for a corner that we appreciate for spending time with friends and we knew lonely. The moon reappeared. She held my hand and I felt.