Kissing me full on the mouth and I stick his tongue deep in my throat

kissing me full on the mouth and I stick his tongue deep in my throat

But what do I have to fall in love only asshole ??? I burst into tears, but I have to pull myself together because Alex is still in my kitchen and I do not want to show him my sorrow and my frustration, but I’m really pissed off, and excited too, I was so happy to share a new Intimate moment with Michel, we already saw each other so little before, but our relationship was so strong, so intense …

I go back to the kitchen, but Alex spotted my red eyes directly, the makeup that leaked, and following the uprising of my voice, certainly heard at least some pieces of my conversation with Michel.

He gets up, takes me in his arms to console me, reassure me, talking to me gently, caressing me gently back and neck through my satin bathrobe. Although this is the ex of my daughter, and he is only 24 years old, I must admit that this young man makes me the effect, his caresses make me shudder everywhere, and, besides the end of my breasts harden, I feel my panties getting wet, and …

He runs slowly my entire back from the tips of his fingers, my cervical to the hollow of my buttocks, his caresses are so nice that my hands start mechanically to do the same on his back and his hair.

I already wet really hard, while he “consoles” I think back to all those times where through the wall I heard him kiss my daughter, all these times I made myself happy while my daughter and he took advantage of it as pigs, these times I fantasized about Alex, but hey, let’s get back to earth, he’s just consoling me for my sadness of the moment, then I could also be his mother, then it’s my daughter’s ex , then he’s only 24 years old, then he’s certainly not in love, I’m not in love either …

In my head are mixed excitement and questions of morality, until a new sensation invades me: While continuing his soft caresses in my back, while his fingers descend more and more low on my buttocks on each return, he starts kissing me tenderly in the neck, a series of kisses from the bottom of my neck to the back of my ears, where I even felt his tongue

– Alex, we’ll stop there I think, we go astray, and I do not want to hurt my daughter, Nat would certainly want, not to mention what would happen if Virginia and Nicolas learned. (my other two children)
– All we have to do is stay discreet and just enjoy the moment.
I know you’re horny Chantale, I’m sure you’re already wet, I feel like you want to get caught in all directions, by all the holes …

I am almost outraged by the “crudeness” of his language, he whom I have always known to be kind, kind, well educated, I certainly did not imagine to speak to me in this way, even if I already had men who also insulted me during love, calling me all the names

– Do not do it shocked, I know that you like to talk to you like that, I still spent a lot of time in the room next to yours …

It is true that if I had already heard kiss with Nat, it was quite possible that he also heard me through the wall send me in the air with Michel, which he took time in time to drop me a “you like it bitch eh” or “tell me you want it in the ass”, even if I had never been a fan of this kind of vulgar frolics

– You do not have to worry, nobody will say anything to anyone, and I want as much as you if not more, look if you do not believe me

He then takes my hand to put on the bump of his pants, I begin to feel gently, and at the same time this little bastard pulls on the bow of my robe to open it, taking advantage of my busy hand does not retains more.

– Wow, what a pair! They will be devoured, those!

To see him so happy, amazed and admiring in front of my chest, now very hard nipples, excites me even more, my hands unbuckle his belt and the right sinks under his pants to jerk slowly. Although I am fully aware of what I am doing, I am still surprised by my reactions and my attitude.

He presses against me, kissing me full on the mouth and I stick his tongue deep in my throat, I let myself do and gives him her kisses, her hands palpate my buttocks gently but firmly, and I feel his fingers slide under my bathrobe, under my thong soaked and one and several fingers start going back and forth faster and faster in the bottom of my vagina dripping.

– Yes, I was right, you’re wet like a slut you, and in addition you’ve carved the mold, I love! I’m sure you’re a super-sucker, take it in the mouth now, lick my cock and balls.

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