I slightly opened the compass of my thighs

I slightly opened the compass of my thighs

It all began with a huge heart-stroke, a stroke of love for a corner of paradise on the edge of one of the prettiest lakes in the Vosges.
Then the chalet built to house our loves, that you let me furnish and decorate my idea.
It is a place that breathes the calm and the quiet force it represents is similar to yours that I admire.

In difficult days where of course I slip easily in the spleen, in the nostalgia, the softness of the pine which constitutes the total mass of our house is always there to reassure me.

You will tell me, “a beautiful house, and nostalgia? “. It is necessary to expose to you in two words that you and I have only one immense regret, that of not having had the happiness to accomodate small blond or brown heads, and sometimes go back to the surface this undeniable lack, the emptiness thus created sometimes gives me the idea that my life is useless.

Of course, you have always helped me to cross the more or less painful headings difficult passages.
Tonight is one and the snow that twirls does not help my mood more than pessimistic.
Behold, the headlights of your car pierce the night that has replaced without really noticing the dying day.

The door that you open quickly brings me a little of that already frozen air that slips on the lake, and your steps come back to my ears, make me come out of my lethargy.
You walk towards me with that look that already knows that I’m not going too well.
I love you for that too, for those little touches that make me feel like your center of the world.
Your strong arms attract me against this chest where I like to snuggle.
Your hand goes up on my neck and your lips brush against mine. The kiss you give me has a surprising effect.

Your tongue flutters with mine, my breath is shorter and I, too, surround you with my arms.
My breathing is faster and I wish that time suspends its flight, that it stops a long time to prolong this tender pleasure of the kiss that we share.
Your fingers slowly smooth my hair and I love it. I’m starting to get limp between your protective arms.
As I enjoy these moments when I become languid and dependent on your wonderful hugs!

Then like waves, your hands move to caress my back and I shudder of ease.
Our kiss is replaced by another kiss even more fiery. I tremble under the impulse of your fingers playing on my skin, and I feel the warmth of them through the fabric.
Then, in a breath I hear your whisper in my ear, like a breath, a prayer.
“My love, I know that the weather is not very good, but like you I am a little distressed; I would like us to go out, you want us to go out for dinner tonight. The snow will not fall in abundance and tomorrow is Saturday, if we have problems to come back here, we will offer ourselves the hotel. Do you want to please me? “.

Your hand, my back slid a little further down the curves of my buttocks. I also know that if I do not react quickly, we will not go anywhere except in our bed and I suddenly want to please you.
So regretfully, I loose myself from you, directs me to my purse, take a look in the mirror adorning the entrance and give me a touch of lipstick.
I put on a jacket and then with a big smile, I announce: “I put on shoes and I’m ready! “.
Outside, on the gravel of the yard where you parked the car, the snow does not really hold?

You’re probably right, she will not leave a thick layer, well not this night at least.
We leave gently for a restaurant that you have chosen, I do not ask questions, it’s always a story of confidence and your tastes in cooking resemble to misunderstand mine.

I see the names of villages, such as “Le Tholy, Docelles” and I know that we are going towards Epinal, without paying particular attention to them.
The temperature in the vehicle is nice and I let my mind escape to happy moments that rise to the surface, like soap bubbles, those that all the children of the world do.
I do not perceive instantly that your hand has landed on my left knee, the closest to you driving.

When I feel the effects of this heat on my skin, I let it go and close my eyes half-heartedly, just to savor this mark of unfailing tenderness that has accompanied us for so many years.
We each know the hidden corners of the body of the other and I make this strange reflection while your fingers are already around my panties.
Instinctively, I slightly opened the compass of my thighs and it has greatly facilitated the task.
These fingers are now on the nylon they gently smooth and I feel a natural moisture that.

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