I guided her to her secret garden

I guided her to her secret garden

As soon as these words said, she plunged her hand toward my swim shorts. She ran her hand under the elastic, and her thin fingers wrapped around my penis, filled with pleasure. She started to jerk me off. I started to vibrate. I was afraid that a bather would see us, but that was not the case. His hand began to speed the divine back and forth on my life. She seemed to enjoy it. Suddenly, an idea came to my mind: If she wanked me, why could not I fingering her? I slipped my hand to his Brazilian panties, and passed underneath without any problem.

I felt his soft fleece over his mount Venus, and my fingers were lost for a moment, but they quickly found their way to Julie’s clitoris. When my hand arrived, I felt it go astray, the rhythm of his hand became irregular. Without caring, I stroked his clitoris. She began to moan. My fingers went down to his intimate slot, which dilated slightly. I introduced a finger. She moaned even louder. I pulled out my finger of his secret and I went back to his clitoris who claimed the caresses of my hand. At this very moment, I felt my cum arrive and I stopped soon to finger Julie to remove his hand from my penis.

Just in time to avoid orgasm. I pulled myself out of the big pool to go and squat the little one, which was deserted. The lifeguards had gone to eat and the only one who was talking was behind the big pool. Julie did not delay following me. She dropped my shorts, freeing my life. But I immediately put my shorts back, while intimating:

– We’ll use the showers, it’s more convenient!
– Okay.

We left the little pond, and took the direction of the showers. There was a closed cabin for the disabled. We entered this cabin, Julie had quickly remove her bra, delivering a beautiful chest though a little juvenile because of his 14 years. She removed her panties, leaving her naked to my eyes. I examined his secret garden. She did not shave, which I liked right away (indeed, I hate women who shave the pubis completely). His mount of Venus was covered with a clump flattened by water. I saw that this fleece did not come down around his lips.

It’s because I only shave there, she explained to me.
I rushed out my tail of his jail of cloth. Once the shorts fell, my vit could express the strength of his desire. It measured about 12 centimeters in erection. Julie knelt, and, without warning, she sucked me. This the first blowjob that I lavigua. She was a virgin, but she was doing so well that I did not take long to feel my testicles send the divine seed to the prostate.
Go back, I’m going to ejaculate! I warned him.

She does not react. It must be said also that my entire penis was in his mouth at that moment. She put her mouth up to my glans. I felt the orgasm happen. Sperm spurted on his face, in his hair and especially in his mouth. She swallowed my seed. I thought it would disgust her, but she liked to feel my hot cum on her tongue, and she picked up the other jets to swallow them too.

Lie down, I too can make you enjoy with my mouth, I tell him.
If you want, but hurry up!
She lay down, and I motioned her to spread her legs. I put my head between his legs, and began a cunnilingus. She arched quickly enough, emitting squeaks of pleasure. I wandered my tongue sometimes on her clit, sometimes on her vulva. I also used it to penetrate superficially. Once she had cum, she got up, me too.

– Come ‘Make love to me, she whispered.
– Are you sure ? I could get you pregnant by doing that, you know?
– I know, but take me, please ‘

I put it against the wall and took my tail with one hand. I guided her to her secret garden. The penetration began, but one I found this position uncomfortable, and two it was not practical for deflowering. I told her to lie down and raise her legs, she complied. I penetrated gently, and I had trouble defeating her virginity. But it was not an insurmountable wall, and soon I could penetrate it entirely. I accelerated the comings and goings. She was shaking and I enjoyed watching her breasts move. Then I leaned down to see my penis penetrate.

This vision accelerated my enjoyment. She began to enjoy first. She screamed with pleasure, and to silence her, I kissed her on the mouth. We thus enjoyed each other. By the time I was about to ejaculate, I pulled out to unload on her body, but she girded me with her legs and I was forced to stay in her. I ejaculated with force, and she managed to tell me between two kisses she liked to feel my cock in her. I withdrew after ejaculation.

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