I approached my face with hers

I approached my face with hers

One Monday, however, she had not answered my text message to meet at the high school patio. I learned the same evening that the evening she went on the weekend had gone wrong. She had met a guy she met regularly, which she liked, which she spoke to me under the code name of “white scarf”. Threat that I had never considered.

And yet he had seen her, approached, seduced, and once she had drunk too much she let herself be dragged away: He had taken his virginity and was gone again. History hard to swallow for me, even more so for her. Nevertheless after a week and a half she seemed to get better. Apparently I had a role in the process and she asked me if she could come and spend an afternoon at my house listening to the songs I had produced for my band.

Taking this as an opportunity to get closer, and being more reluctant than before to bed with since his incident, I accepted. It was a Thursday afternoon, almost the weekend, we spent a moment in front of my PC, listening to my songs, talking about my way of working, then we started the visit of the house. She lay on my four-poster double bed, stirring for a moment, but I did not want to see anything there.

Then we went to the cellar, where the sauna (one of the many facilities my parents had invested in) sparked a lot of enthusiasm. She asked me if I knew how to make it work, I answered that yes, it was necessary to take a shower by letting the stones heat in the stove, then pour the water and wait. Noticing his smile and his lack of reaction, I offered him a session.

“With pleasure.”

So we rewarded our showers separately and found ourselves in a towel, in the sauna. I had poured the water once and we were sitting side by side on the first notch. The heat was rising, the needle had to have reached 30 °. Suddenly Alice put her left hand on my right knee.

No more doubt possible: She wanted. Was it after what happened with the other guy? How was it going to continue if we fucked together, right now? Promising to stay with her as much as she needed, even if my feelings (because there were some) were lost on the way. Without thinking, I approached my face with hers. She had given herself the trouble to remix her eyes. The heat and humidity had disintegrated but it made it more sex again.

My head bowed, my lips pressed slowly on hers to open them and my tongue licked slowly. A real kiss. We spent a little time like that, to tame, stopping to look at each other, then continue.

There was a real connection … After that I put my arms around his waist, began to massage his hips. His breathing intensified, it was going to be complicated. How to deal with a girl for whom the only experience was a bad memory?

As if to answer me, Alice removed her towel little by little, letting me admire her pretty little body. I had seen better facts, but our proximity made the scene more powerful than I had lived. Her nipples pointed, her navel piercing seemed to shine, and her pubis was lightly trimmed with hair. My cock screamed under the desire to go out under my towel, so I decided to do the same. After which Alice began to caress him.

The position was not practical, I quickly raised to put his buttocks on my left thigh and so
access her vagina easily. Leaving in his left hand behind his back, I began to caress the lips of her vagina with the other.

As usual I went around in one direction, then the other, varying the speed to surprise her. Not to rush her I had decided to take all my time. His mouth was open in “O” and let out squeals of pleasure more and more frequent. Beginning to get used, she grabbed my cock and caressed it all the way.

After a moment of this game I wanted to move up a gear. Installing it on the top notch of the sauna, I wanted to make a fantasy. Spreading her legs, I went down on her pussy to eat. The heat made it all wet, my saliva was less hot and it seemed to cause an effect on the nerves of Alice. Nevertheless she lent herself to the game and was not long in shouting for joy.

I took advantage of the effect to let in my middle finger, then my index, and finally my little finger, all without forgetting to tease Mr. Clito. Suddenly she took my head in her hands, I felt her nails on her skin.

“Oh yes, go ahead, aaah!”

After a few minutes, her spasms intensified, then she squeezed her thighs to the point of hurting me and uttered a real roar. I had already begun to secrete sperm, and as often I dreaded penetration.

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