He kneaded her buttocks for a moment

He kneaded her buttocks for a moment

He kneaded her buttocks for a moment, then placed one of his hands against her belly, lowering it until her thumb came through the tissue stimulate the turgid and hypersensitive clitoris of the girl, for the moment still protected by his lips themselves trapped in his lingerie. She had parted her thighs to be masturbated and standing, still dressed but fully offered to him. She did not pay attention to what Alex did with his second hand before feeling her thong stretching subtly in the line of her buttocks as he progressed slowly.

When he had placed his middle finger on his small hole, he began to massage in the same movement the hole through which she was already ready to accommodate her sex and the other who was not. all. These daring sensations made Julie wobble, who almost lost her balance, as if under the shock of an electroshock.

Alexandre got up, asked him to undress and follow him to the bathroom: Julie had also told him in the car of his panic fear of being dirty: To have stool or just traces in her if the experience went to penetration. He had reassured her and had also offered to do a special toilet at home, which she asked. Alexander gave him a small enema pear and a tube of lubricant and poured warm water into the sink, to which he added a little paraffin oil before leaving it alone.

She came back fifteen minutes later, having had the need to take a shower after that, the determined look to tame her fear, explaining to her lover how she had badly lived these minutes of preparation and purge, more unpleasant than anything else. She did not confess how difficult it was for her to put in her anus that tiny cannula of purge that ended the end of the enema pear that he had given her, and how much it had made him feared to admit whatever is bigger.

She was pleased to see that Alexander was right to tell him that a small toilet would be enough for her to be clean, even if the seconds he had needed to expel his purge had almost made him slam his heels pronto.
He regretted that she had taken off her boots, and paid him well-deserved compliments on her new lingerie, doing her best to dodge this embarrassing discussion.

Then he pressed against her again, rushing to free his chest of this beautiful bra to be able to pelot it as it deserved. She must have the most horny chest on the entire law campus, he was convinced, so her breasts were round and firm, and their tips so perfectly pink and centered, and deliciously pointed in these circumstances’ She took great pleasure in to feel so desired in her femininity, and Alexander knew how to awaken in her the animal part of her sexuality.

She would never have agreed to disguise herself as a little whore, her pussy shaved, in slutty lingerie, if she had not been sure that he could draw even more ardor to satisfy her, and especially to to enjoy. It was his way of having control over him: He decided everything, or almost, for their legs in the air, making her submit to his least desires, but she could expect a return on This evening things were still a little different: She had taken rank, without even paying attention to it.

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