He came and she licked what she could from this precious seed

He came and she licked what she could from this precious seed

She lay down at her feet, under the ass of her friend.
Menara had watched the scene without flinching, a smug smile on her lips.

“Slow down so I can enjoy it,” she asked in a small voice.

He obeys, adopting a more moderate rhythm. She sighed softly again.

Margaux began to caress the area around Menara’s tight little hole. She had known only one sodomy. She had appreciated beyond pain but Gaeldor had always refused to repeat the experience.

And now, Margaux was going to offer him a double-penetration thanks to his dildo! This exciting idea further stoked the flame of pleasure and even before the student began to introduce a finger with saliva in her anus, Menara was ravaged by his second orgasm of the evening.

Gaeldor was surprised by the violence of this orgasm and he retired to avoid leaving in his turn. She gave him a furious glance unconvincing through the tears of pleasure that had invaded his eyes.

Margaux now had two fingers in Menara’s anus. She massaged gently to relax the muscles. It was a bit hurt to Menara now that the enjoyment was withdrawing. She begged her man to resume his business but Margaux asked him for two minutes. The dominatrix agreed reluctantly, aware that she had to let the student do her work if she did not want to suffer too much.

Sure enough, Margaux grabbed the dildo she lubricated with her saliva. She slowly introduced it, forcing the resistance of Menara’s body. She released a groan of pain and tried to escape but Margaux grabbed his waist with his free hand. Finally, the object was fully introduced. Menara felt it tearing, filling, insulting. New tears sprang up, but it was no longer pleasure.

– Leave me! she said painfully.

Margaux made a negative sign to Gaeldor who did not know what to do. She showed him her cock that was starting to soften and the entry of Menara con that was largely shrunk by the pressure of the sextoy. He made a few trips back and forth along the shaft of his penis to make him harden again and began to penetrate his partner again.

It was difficult, especially since the movements back and forth of the dildo did not help. But at least that movement seemed to reverse Menara’s suffering. Her features had relaxed a little and she was not crying anymore.

When he finally managed to join, Gaeldor resumed his movements. The sensations were strange but so nice! He loved to feel his compressed organ and massaged by Margaux’s toy! Oh yes ! He liked that! He found himself moaning, accompanying the gasps and groans of his companion.

Menara exploded at least three times before Gaeldor came.
At this moment, Margaux removed the toy she swayed in the sink of her room.
She lay down against Menara and asked for the kiss she had just denied him. She gave him without protest, her mind clouded by the power of her orgasms. Gaeldor looked at them a little before spreading himself on the bed.

It seemed that they fell asleep before waking up around three o’clock in the morning. Menara was the last to open her eyes, shaken by her man who thought it was time for them to return to their room and let Margaux sleep. She was not asleep. She had knelt in the middle of the room.

“I owe you something,” said Menara without the slightest reproach or regret in his voice. Do it!

She allowed herself to smile at Gaeldor’s dismayed air and the delighted look of Margaux. She herself was surprised. There was no more jealousy. They had given her so much that night that she could give them that.

Gaeldor approached and Menara watched him get wanked by the opulent breasts of Margaux licking her cock when she could. He came and she licked what she could from this precious seed.
Gaeldor stood up and turned to Menara. She had resumed her air of dominatrix and it was with that tone that she spoke:

– What happened that night must remain between us three, unless I decide otherwise. It’s understood ?

They nodded.

In the bed, Menara could not sleep. She thought back to what had happened. She shook Gaeldor a little, who growled:

This question sounded like a song of victory! He was open to libertinage. A thousand scenes succeeded each other in his head, all exciting.

– Why not ?
– Why not.
“But on one condition,” she added.
– Which ?
– That’s the next time you’ll be the master of the game.

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