For answer only I place my right hand on her free breast

For answer only I place my right hand on her free breast

It is Delphine, the wife of the boss of the small company in which I work, and whose offices are a few steps away from home. She was working with us, but she is currently on maternity leave since the birth of her daughter three months ago, and I have not had the opportunity to meet her since.

I leave it a few seconds to get the key in the next room, I find it inside the apartment.

– Well it starts to fall so say, we arrived just in time.
– Oula yes, there are even small hailstones.
– It does not bother you if I wait two minutes here that it calms down, I’m really afraid it will take cold if it gets wet again.
– Of course, sit down.
– Thank you. I walked up to here, it was a big sun when I left, and it started to rain at once.
– I do not feel that it will stop immediately. You can go to the bathroom and change Emma if you want.
– Oh, I do not want to bother you.
– No no not at all.

After a few seconds of hesitation, she takes her daughter and her bag in her arms, and heads for the bathroom. She comes out a few minutes later.

– That’s good, thank you.
– As soon as it calms down a bit I can get you back in the car if you want.
– Oh that’s nice.

The minutes pass and the rain is still strong even if it does not hail anymore.
Delphine paces with her daughter in her arms, I can observe quietly.

She is much older than me, in her late forties, but still remains very attractive to me.
Big enough, round face with very long black hair that almost reaches the kidneys.
And she especially has a beautiful pair of breasts to make the pope blush. Having met her every day at work before she leaves on maternity leave, I was able to follow the evolution of her breast every day, which really swelled throughout her pregnancy.

Today she wears a simple black blouse, and white pants that I often see him wear, and under which I was used to distinguish a shorty, a panties and sometimes even a string.

Emma is growing grumpy and starts crying, cuddling and songs of her mother can not calm her anymore. I notice tasks on Delphine’s blouse at each breast. I know what it is, it’s an unconscious maternal reflex, the cries of the baby trigger in the mother a rise of milk, she is ready to give him to suck.

I feel a little helpless, not knowing what to do or not daring to ask, so I tell him:

– She’s hungry right?
– Yes, she will not fall asleep until I give him to suck.
– It does not seem to calm down, you can feed him here, right?

Feeling hesitant, I hasten to add:

– Put yourself on the couch, I let you do, I have emails to finish.
– Ok thank you.
– You can turn on the TV if you want.

The sofa is back to the rest of the room, it is turned to the TV that is in a corner of the living room, and offers a little privacy.

Emma’s cries stopped and I hear the TV in the background, so she had to resign herself to feeding her daughter in my living room. I half-opened the door of my room and I actually see her sitting on the couch watching TV, and I guess her daughter clinging to one of her breasts taking her four o’clock.

Delphine is on my couch, breasts in the air, no I do not dream.
I often fantasized about her, going so far as to make a small list of everything I would like to do with her breasts. And now that they are there a few meters from me, I really want to go see them more closely, too bad if it must have professional consequences, I had anyway planned to change jobs to more or less short term.

I take off my T-shirt and I leave my slippers to arrive at no wolf behind her. Concentrated on breastfeeding her daughter and on the show that goes on TV, she does not suspect anything. I arrive behind the couch without a sound, and after a second of hesitation asking me how she will react, I raise her hair and I come to kiss her neck.

She utters a cry of surprise suffocated and jumps, unseating her daughter the soft pacifier she had in the mouth. I had to scare her, it was not so much the nature of the contact as the contact itself that surprised her.
She does not react for a while, so I continue my kisses on his neck and neck and I start to lower his shirt on the side of his unoccupied breast.

– But what are you doing ?

For answer only I place my right hand on her free breast, my left hand presses on his shoulder to prevent him from getting up and I continue to kiss him. She tries to pull up her shirt but it only has the effect of making her daughter cry when she loses her breast.

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