Finished rolling up her skirt to her waist it was already electrified

finished rolling up her skirt to her waist it was already electrified

They found themselves at the restaurant as they had agreed to celebrate his birthday a week ago. It looked a bit like their first date, especially since a premiere was also preparing for tonight! Julie had kept her promise: She wore a rather strict dark brown skirt cut just above the knee, deliciously sexy because slit in front of each side, revealing her long and beautiful legs highlighted by light shiny pantyhose.

Knowing her lover’s tastes, she whispered in her ear that she had not put on tights, but on stockings. He loved that. She wore a matching fine cotton bustier and a beige blouse. She was sublime, as always, especially with her dark brown leather heel boots. She did not answer him when he wanted to know what she had put under it: He would know it later!

Especially since she had made efforts to be “beautiful” as promised in the morning. She wore a tiny white thong, only made two thin superimposed straps encircling her rather low waist, gathering back into a small hollow triangle, before engaging between her buttocks, widening just enough forward to cover her shaved pussy a few centimeters square of very indented tulle, embroidered with white and enhanced with little knots. Until now, she had never worn such a minimalist string, despite Alexandre’s many solicitations, because she thought they were too vulgar.

She wanted to make him happy tonight, and at the same time discovered how much this little accessory could stimulate her delicately. ‘Her bra was matched: In white basket with thin straps, adorned with some embroidered flowers, closed by a single staple. She was going to make an impression, she was convinced of it!

At table, Alexander had to restrain himself to talk about something other than sex, so he was excited by the evening that followed. It was not every day that we initiated such a beautiful maid that the most forbidden pleasures! The dinner was very pleasant and very romantic despite the pornographic nature that had to take the evening.

In fact Julie was a little worried about physically suffering from the upcoming experience, but also curiously excited to discover new stuff with Alex? He knew how to do it so well that she did not worry too much. More than anything she felt like a “woman”, sure of herself and what she wanted and accepted, about to offer herself as she intended to her beloved, in a way that many others girls surely did not know.

On the way back they did not know what to talk about, so they were both hot. Julie, who felt the atmosphere electrify, passed a moral contract to her partner and master one evening: She had to be able to retract at any moment without attracting her wrath, would set the limits for tonight , and always wanted the opportunity to ask him to move to something more “conventional” if he hurt.

On the other hand, she would accept absolutely anything he asked her to do. Alexander accepted without negotiation this generous offer, where he was certainly a winner. He promised her that she would not regret it, which she hoped she did not know if she could believe it.

Once back in his apartment they began to kiss passionately, and quickly Alexandre was shirtless and Julie chest almost offered, still maintained by her pretty bra, strapless back after he removed his blouse. Alexander knelt before her, his mouth pressed against her belly, and her hands on her thighs, slowly raising her skirt. She was already hot and responded to the least of his caresses on her thighs. When her hands were on the root of her thighs, where her skin was bare, she began to gasp, and when Alex had finished rolling up her skirt to her waist it was already electrified.

He was happy to see how sexy she was for him tonight, and stuck his mouth against the tiny piece of fabric that separated him from his intimacy. Julie melted under her fingers, and let herself be done with pleasure. She felt her lover put his hands on her buttocks, and wondered if he would still make her languish before starting to stimulate her as she wanted: From her mouth and fingers.

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