Finding panties or thong just as useless

finding panties or thong just as useless

You know my Chantale, when you have the chance to have tasted the intimacy of a Cougar such as you, first of all we never forget, and especially we are eager to put this back, and the only reason for which I did not call you earlier, it’s because I had too much work, that I had to pass before my pleasure, but I’ll meet you tomorrow night, I’d like to go to walk in the woods with you

A Cougar, me !!! Exactly I had watched on TV1 a show about Cougar women, so ladies of my age group or more, often divorced or widowed, wanting to re-taste the joys of sex, find a “new youth”, only with men just out of adolescence, the older ones are barely twenty-five.

I began to think several times that I would start a relationship with a young person, just for my sexual pleasure, show him what it is “a woman of experience”, a relationship without consequences, non-contractual.

But I never imagined living this with an ex-boyfriend of one of my two daughters, without his knowledge, and especially in this way the most perverse and salacious
– Walk with me in the woods? in which wood? And … just walk around?

– You doubt that we will not only walk, but if I reveal the whole program away, the attraction will not be the same for you

I imagine that if this bastard wants to take me into the woods, it is not to gather clubs, but even if his plan does not reassure me at all, I am relieved by saying that at least in the woods at night it is very dark, and it will be very difficult for him to make a new video of me in such light conditions

– At 22 hours, you will leave your house, I leave you the choice of how you will be dressed, but you have better be horny, to put your forms as much value as possible, and to make them more accessible possible, so forget the skinny jeans and turtleneck is well understood?

I want “easy to remove”, and horny at first glance, rather cleavage, and bare legs, high heels and all the mess, and in your purse, you’ll have a dozen hoods, lubricant, and wet wipes. Including ?
You will leave the city by car, towards the woods. Once on the road to La Pompadour, I will overtake you with my car and you will follow me to the place where I will drive. If there is any confusion, if you are not my instructions to the letter, I promise you that all your building will know how a neighbor like you likes to get laid in the air

The next day, precisely at the agreed time, I leave home, dressed in a pretty black dress, tight at the top, plunging neckline, and bare in the back, between the straps, the fabric of the legs flying up to mid thigh, basically a pretty sexy summer dress.

I had thought of putting suspenders, but even if it is not a mini-dress, it still falls much higher than the knee, a little too much for a woman of my age, then it is too hot in this moment, and I did not want to spoil them. So I’m naked underneath my dress, finding panties or thong just as useless as the garters and the bra that I thought to put … I also have the high-heels he wanted me to wear, black, with two leather thongs rising and knotting above the calf, these shoes make me frankly legs and ass hell, he should be happy.

My hair in a bun, wearing a scarf tied on the head like “gypsy”, I put my glasses rather than my contact lenses tonight. Already, women with glasses excite more men, and expecting at least as much junk as the previous time, it is obvious that I will again take at least one discharge in the face, my glasses will be more practices that my lenses …

A last glance in the reflection of the glass door before leaving, and here I am on my way to my rendezvous that knotted my belly … What has planned? Will it be the last time? Even if I’m terribly excited at all this staging and this situation, I’m still worried, angry, impatient to finally be his prey, his victim, eager to finish, despite all the unsuspected pleasure that I pulled out of it … As expected, he overtook me with his car, I went to a small stone driveway, perpendicular to the main road on which we were and park my car behind his, at a hundred meters from the first visible habitation of the corner.

Alex gets out of his car, locks it, and advances with a decided step towards mine, on my side, opens my door, and asks me to pass on the seat of the passenger, to settle down behind the wheel and to lead us again elsewhere.

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