He kneaded her buttocks for a moment

He kneaded her buttocks for a moment

He kneaded her buttocks for a moment, then placed one of his hands against her belly, lowering it until her thumb came through the tissue stimulate the turgid and hypersensitive clitoris of the girl, for the moment still protected by his lips themselves trapped in his lingerie. She had parted her thighs to be masturbated and standing, still dressed but fully offered to him. She did not pay attention to what Alex did with his second hand before feeling her thong stretching subtly in the line of her buttocks as he progressed slowly.

When he had placed his middle finger on his small hole, he began to massage in the same movement the hole through which she was already ready to accommodate her sex and the other who was not. all. These daring sensations made Julie wobble, who almost lost her balance, as if under the shock of an electroshock.

Alexandre got up, asked him to undress and follow him to the bathroom: Julie had also told him in the car of his panic fear of being dirty: To have stool or just traces in her if the experience went to penetration. He had reassured her and had also offered to do a special toilet at home, which she asked. Alexander gave him a small enema pear and a tube of lubricant and poured warm water into the sink, to which he added a little paraffin oil before leaving it alone.

She came back fifteen minutes later, having had the need to take a shower after that, the determined look to tame her fear, explaining to her lover how she had badly lived these minutes of preparation and purge, more unpleasant than anything else. She did not confess how difficult it was for her to put in her anus that tiny cannula of purge that ended the end of the enema pear that he had given her, and how much it had made him feared to admit whatever is bigger.

She was pleased to see that Alexander was right to tell him that a small toilet would be enough for her to be clean, even if the seconds he had needed to expel his purge had almost made him slam his heels pronto.
He regretted that she had taken off her boots, and paid him well-deserved compliments on her new lingerie, doing her best to dodge this embarrassing discussion.

Then he pressed against her again, rushing to free his chest of this beautiful bra to be able to pelot it as it deserved. She must have the most horny chest on the entire law campus, he was convinced, so her breasts were round and firm, and their tips so perfectly pink and centered, and deliciously pointed in these circumstances’ She took great pleasure in to feel so desired in her femininity, and Alexander knew how to awaken in her the animal part of her sexuality.

She would never have agreed to disguise herself as a little whore, her pussy shaved, in slutty lingerie, if she had not been sure that he could draw even more ardor to satisfy her, and especially to to enjoy. It was his way of having control over him: He decided everything, or almost, for their legs in the air, making her submit to his least desires, but she could expect a return on This evening things were still a little different: She had taken rank, without even paying attention to it.

Finished rolling up her skirt to her waist it was already electrified

finished rolling up her skirt to her waist it was already electrified

They found themselves at the restaurant as they had agreed to celebrate his birthday a week ago. It looked a bit like their first date, especially since a premiere was also preparing for tonight! Julie had kept her promise: She wore a rather strict dark brown skirt cut just above the knee, deliciously sexy because slit in front of each side, revealing her long and beautiful legs highlighted by light shiny pantyhose.

Knowing her lover’s tastes, she whispered in her ear that she had not put on tights, but on stockings. He loved that. She wore a matching fine cotton bustier and a beige blouse. She was sublime, as always, especially with her dark brown leather heel boots. She did not answer him when he wanted to know what she had put under it: He would know it later!

Especially since she had made efforts to be “beautiful” as promised in the morning. She wore a tiny white thong, only made two thin superimposed straps encircling her rather low waist, gathering back into a small hollow triangle, before engaging between her buttocks, widening just enough forward to cover her shaved pussy a few centimeters square of very indented tulle, embroidered with white and enhanced with little knots. Until now, she had never worn such a minimalist string, despite Alexandre’s many solicitations, because she thought they were too vulgar.

She wanted to make him happy tonight, and at the same time discovered how much this little accessory could stimulate her delicately. ‘Her bra was matched: In white basket with thin straps, adorned with some embroidered flowers, closed by a single staple. She was going to make an impression, she was convinced of it!

At table, Alexander had to restrain himself to talk about something other than sex, so he was excited by the evening that followed. It was not every day that we initiated such a beautiful maid that the most forbidden pleasures! The dinner was very pleasant and very romantic despite the pornographic nature that had to take the evening.

In fact Julie was a little worried about physically suffering from the upcoming experience, but also curiously excited to discover new stuff with Alex? He knew how to do it so well that she did not worry too much. More than anything she felt like a “woman”, sure of herself and what she wanted and accepted, about to offer herself as she intended to her beloved, in a way that many others girls surely did not know.

On the way back they did not know what to talk about, so they were both hot. Julie, who felt the atmosphere electrify, passed a moral contract to her partner and master one evening: She had to be able to retract at any moment without attracting her wrath, would set the limits for tonight , and always wanted the opportunity to ask him to move to something more “conventional” if he hurt.

On the other hand, she would accept absolutely anything he asked her to do. Alexander accepted without negotiation this generous offer, where he was certainly a winner. He promised her that she would not regret it, which she hoped she did not know if she could believe it.

Once back in his apartment they began to kiss passionately, and quickly Alexandre was shirtless and Julie chest almost offered, still maintained by her pretty bra, strapless back after he removed his blouse. Alexander knelt before her, his mouth pressed against her belly, and her hands on her thighs, slowly raising her skirt. She was already hot and responded to the least of his caresses on her thighs. When her hands were on the root of her thighs, where her skin was bare, she began to gasp, and when Alex had finished rolling up her skirt to her waist it was already electrified.

He was happy to see how sexy she was for him tonight, and stuck his mouth against the tiny piece of fabric that separated him from his intimacy. Julie melted under her fingers, and let herself be done with pleasure. She felt her lover put his hands on her buttocks, and wondered if he would still make her languish before starting to stimulate her as she wanted: From her mouth and fingers.

What attached her most to her was her repressed shyness

what attached her most to her was her repressed shyness

He had not wondered about the nature of his feelings, but if he did, he should have realized that he had obviously fallen in love with her. Her insolent beauty, her marvelous freshness and the grace that emanated from her would have brought down more than one, the forms that were her allied to the address and determination that she could show in a bed certainly filled her, but what attached her most to her was her repressed shyness, that awkwardness she still showed in her romantic relationships, and especially when he introduced her to the smallest novelty.

Thus the lingerie accessories that he offered him, the new positions that he asked him to adopt, the regular blowjobs he got, the cunnilingus that he lavished on her, the first ejaculations she had taken in her, and recently also on her, after they left the condom, their first legs in the air in places less comfortable than a bed; she had always accepted everything, but without ever being entirely, or especially passively, subject to her fantasies.

He had always had to prepare her, then to excite her skillfully and intensely, to succeed in giving him a good dose of pleasure before she lowered her guard and finally accept, without really saying but without opposition, all that he had wanted her, including when he asked her one night to be fully epilated: She liked too much what he was doing with his tongue to oppose?

In fact she had accepted from him almost everything, but not absolutely everything. Certainly, she had once or twice gently pushed the fingers of Alexander who searched her pussy with a little too virile, or penetrate her with a little too much insistence, and yet she had never had to stand up to him, Except for one evening when he had obviously considered getting in behind his thumb as he titillated his clit with his tongue and his other hand.

Julie had gently opposed his voice first, but he did not abandon the caresses he performed on this hole, then refusing his privacy by tightening his thighs when he tried again to push his phalanx in it.

Alexander had the wisdom not to insist, and they enjoyed that evening both of the language of the other. He waited for the warrior’s rest to address the issue with her, making him understand his intentions to initiate him to anal practices. Julie initially opposed it quite formally, and he held her for a good half hour, gently but insistently, arguing that she usually did not resist the caresses he had been able to do at this time. place when he was enjoying it.

She blushed at this remark, as it was true that she had let herself be mischievous when he tickled her tiny door as she took her foot. She had tried to convince herself that imprecise maneuvers from her lover, destined for her pussy and clumsily done ‘Which of course had never been the case.

In these intense moments, it seemed to him that the fingers of Alexander had further strengthened the power of his orgasms, but she could not admit that it was related to the stimulation of this taboo area. That night, she did not let go, refusing to consider sodomy with him.
Alexandre regularly returned to the charge, and now was opposed to an end of refusal as soon as he tried to lead his fingers on this possibility still virgin he coveted.

One evening, when he tried to persuade her to allow herself to be caressed at least, he was almost angry at his refusal, which he judged to be a witness to his immaturity and, moreover, based on preconceived ideas. Not wanting to let the situation fester, Julie promised to think carefully about the possibility that he initiated a little more to this practice that? without her being able to admit it? began to spur his curiosity.

Indeed he had assured him that one of his ex asked him sometimes to take it there without him having never had to initiate it: She practiced already before having met. She liked that, he claimed, and he even said he had enjoyed it at the same time as taking it by that.

He cleverly avoided talking to her again, hoping that she would move quickly in his direction and before he resigned, because that would not be a good point for their story? Yet it was a considerable surprise for him to discover on the coffee table on the morning of his thirtieth birthday a little card of his sweet conquest which had risen early, on which she had simply noted these few words: “Happy Birthday my Love.

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Soaked after recent ejaculations of cum

soaked after recent ejaculations of cum

This sudden interruption to which she did not expect surprised Germaine so much that she was unable to restrain the enjoyment that for a moment had overwhelmed her. An orgasm of rare violence exploded suddenly, making it arch convulsively before throwing it inert on the bed.
“Good night, too,” said Julien to his mother-in-law, Germaine being unable to utter a single word.

Leaning on his left forearm, Julien gazed at his wife lying beside him. Lying on her stomach, in the position where enjoyment had projected, Germaine offered him the sensual vision of her pleasantly curved back and her perfect curved rump.

If Germaine had known a thundering orgasm, Julien on his side still remained under the blow of desire; his cock stretched at the bottom of her belly being the irrefutable proof. Fixing the maddening behind for whom he felt a real fascination, he put a feverish hand on it. Under his palm the sweetness and velvety feminine flesh gave him a wonderful feeling of pleasure.

Despite the age and pregnancy of their son Michel, Germaine had kept a body full of sensuality and his rump was one of his sexual appetites for which Julien had a strong desire. This rump harmoniously rounded and still extremely firm was the pride of Germaine, who did not hesitate to highlight it by narrow skirts, which drew the shapes with precision.

The rubbing on her buttocks gently brought Germaine to reality. Emerging from her voluptuous somnolence, she spun around to find herself on the back. Fixing her husband who was looking at her tenderly, she murmured in a voice full of love:
– It was wonderful darling? You’re great? Are you good at giving me so much pleasure?

Then, after a moment’s silence she wondered, she continued:
? It was not mom I heard?
– Yes it was her. She wished us a good night ‘The bathroom is free, if you want to go for a toilet.
As she straightened with the intention of going to the bathroom, Germaine discovered the tense member of her husband.
– But you! … You have not enjoyed? …

“You did not give me time,” replied Julien, in the tone of the joke.
– My poor darling, it’s true that it was rather fast? But I was so good
Repositioning herself on the back, Germaine folded her knees wide spreading her thighs, offering her husband the maddening vision of her pussy smooth and glistening with moisture:
– Come on me, she proposed to her husband? I’ll make sure you empty your balls, you deserved it! …

Not asking better, although knowing in advance which sauce was going to be eaten, Julien settled between the thighs wide open of his hot wife. Presenting his swollen penis at the entrance of the vulva welcoming, he had no difficulty, despite its volume to penetrate inside the sexual cave. Still enormously soaked after recent ejaculations of cum, the walls of the vulva made easy the progression of the voluminous penis. As every time he plunged into the pussy of his wife, Julien had the impression that his member plunged into a liquid fire. A flash of heat enveloped his glans. An extraordinary pleasure overwhelmed Julien.

Feeling the powerful dick blazing a path inside her pussy still thrilling, Germaine also felt a long thrill of pleasure. She adored above all this moment, the prodigious moment when, like a ferret returning to his lair, Julien’s long penis sank into her, seeking the moisture of her vagina.
– Oh yes, she murmured? Come deep in my belly? I want to feel your cock deep in my pussy?
Feeling the masterful penis come to hit the bottom of her vagina, sign that the entire penis was in her, she asked:
– There! … Do not move!

Knowing from experience what was going to happen, Julien stopped, the cock completely stuck in the hot sex of his sensual wife.

Fixing her husband who was standing over her and of whom she felt the volume of her desire in the depths of her intimacy, Germaine began her sexual specialty. Specialty she had developed, thanks to a long training. Concentrating all his will on her sex, she forced the muscles of her vagina to expand, imprisoning the large glans that had lodged there.

Although being used to what his wife was going to make him suffer, Julien experienced intense pleasure in feeling the vagina of the latter strongly squeeze his cock. The walls of the vulva contracted with such force around his member, he knew from experience that it was virtually impossible to withdraw from the sexual antrum.

I approached my face with hers

I approached my face with hers

One Monday, however, she had not answered my text message to meet at the high school patio. I learned the same evening that the evening she went on the weekend had gone wrong. She had met a guy she met regularly, which she liked, which she spoke to me under the code name of “white scarf”. Threat that I had never considered.

And yet he had seen her, approached, seduced, and once she had drunk too much she let herself be dragged away: He had taken his virginity and was gone again. History hard to swallow for me, even more so for her. Nevertheless after a week and a half she seemed to get better. Apparently I had a role in the process and she asked me if she could come and spend an afternoon at my house listening to the songs I had produced for my band.

Taking this as an opportunity to get closer, and being more reluctant than before to bed with since his incident, I accepted. It was a Thursday afternoon, almost the weekend, we spent a moment in front of my PC, listening to my songs, talking about my way of working, then we started the visit of the house. She lay on my four-poster double bed, stirring for a moment, but I did not want to see anything there.

Then we went to the cellar, where the sauna (one of the many facilities my parents had invested in) sparked a lot of enthusiasm. She asked me if I knew how to make it work, I answered that yes, it was necessary to take a shower by letting the stones heat in the stove, then pour the water and wait. Noticing his smile and his lack of reaction, I offered him a session.

“With pleasure.”

So we rewarded our showers separately and found ourselves in a towel, in the sauna. I had poured the water once and we were sitting side by side on the first notch. The heat was rising, the needle had to have reached 30 °. Suddenly Alice put her left hand on my right knee.

No more doubt possible: She wanted. Was it after what happened with the other guy? How was it going to continue if we fucked together, right now? Promising to stay with her as much as she needed, even if my feelings (because there were some) were lost on the way. Without thinking, I approached my face with hers. She had given herself the trouble to remix her eyes. The heat and humidity had disintegrated but it made it more sex again.

My head bowed, my lips pressed slowly on hers to open them and my tongue licked slowly. A real kiss. We spent a little time like that, to tame, stopping to look at each other, then continue.

There was a real connection … After that I put my arms around his waist, began to massage his hips. His breathing intensified, it was going to be complicated. How to deal with a girl for whom the only experience was a bad memory?

As if to answer me, Alice removed her towel little by little, letting me admire her pretty little body. I had seen better facts, but our proximity made the scene more powerful than I had lived. Her nipples pointed, her navel piercing seemed to shine, and her pubis was lightly trimmed with hair. My cock screamed under the desire to go out under my towel, so I decided to do the same. After which Alice began to caress him.

The position was not practical, I quickly raised to put his buttocks on my left thigh and so
access her vagina easily. Leaving in his left hand behind his back, I began to caress the lips of her vagina with the other.

As usual I went around in one direction, then the other, varying the speed to surprise her. Not to rush her I had decided to take all my time. His mouth was open in “O” and let out squeals of pleasure more and more frequent. Beginning to get used, she grabbed my cock and caressed it all the way.

After a moment of this game I wanted to move up a gear. Installing it on the top notch of the sauna, I wanted to make a fantasy. Spreading her legs, I went down on her pussy to eat. The heat made it all wet, my saliva was less hot and it seemed to cause an effect on the nerves of Alice. Nevertheless she lent herself to the game and was not long in shouting for joy.

I took advantage of the effect to let in my middle finger, then my index, and finally my little finger, all without forgetting to tease Mr. Clito. Suddenly she took my head in her hands, I felt her nails on her skin.

“Oh yes, go ahead, aaah!”

After a few minutes, her spasms intensified, then she squeezed her thighs to the point of hurting me and uttered a real roar. I had already begun to secrete sperm, and as often I dreaded penetration.

Andree sucks me before I cum in my pants

Andree sucks me before I cum in my pants

– “What a simple pneumologist”! but you save lives Mr. Pleau.

– Exactly, today my patient is dead. She had a nail stuck in her right lungs! I could not do anything.

Suddenly, tears began to flow from her eyes …

– Oh ! Louis! What can I do to relieve you of your pain? I said.

– Take me in your arms, please!

What I did immediately. After about 2 minutes, I feel a hand become embedded in my jeans. I push him away, but he insists. I feel more and more present in my pants! In trying to get up I accidentally press on her sex that I feel hard and firm! Well inflated! As I like them! I can not resist anymore …

– Louis, is that a good idea? We risk seeing us …

– Andree, nothing would be harder than not making love to you here, on this couch, at this moment!

– Ok, but let me go put my pajamas tight! You will not regret it !

Ten minutes later, Andrée returns dressed in tight pajamas that brings out its beautiful shapes! The end of her breasts stand out and captures the attention of Louis. Her buttocks are beautiful! Just the right form. Louis, suddenly, band as he had never bandaged!

Andrée notices it and kneels also over Louis who is lying on the couch and begins to rub his cock through his pants, Louis moans and Andrée rubs faster and faster, because she notices that she finds herself some pleasure !

– Andree sucks me before I cum in my pants !!!

No sooner said than done, Andree begins to unbutton his pants, which thrills Louis with pleasure. She takes her hard cock from her pants and puts it in her mouth too. She begins to move back and forth, which snatches a long complaint to Louis.

After 10 minutes, Louis raises Andrée’s head and fucks him a little breasts! He puts Andrée on his stomach so he can take off his tight pajamas! He begins by sucking her breasts through his clothes and suddenly he feels a small hot liquid run down his thigh. Andrée wet!

I guided her to her secret garden

I guided her to her secret garden

As soon as these words said, she plunged her hand toward my swim shorts. She ran her hand under the elastic, and her thin fingers wrapped around my penis, filled with pleasure. She started to jerk me off. I started to vibrate. I was afraid that a bather would see us, but that was not the case. His hand began to speed the divine back and forth on my life. She seemed to enjoy it. Suddenly, an idea came to my mind: If she wanked me, why could not I fingering her? I slipped my hand to his Brazilian panties, and passed underneath without any problem.

I felt his soft fleece over his mount Venus, and my fingers were lost for a moment, but they quickly found their way to Julie’s clitoris. When my hand arrived, I felt it go astray, the rhythm of his hand became irregular. Without caring, I stroked his clitoris. She began to moan. My fingers went down to his intimate slot, which dilated slightly. I introduced a finger. She moaned even louder. I pulled out my finger of his secret and I went back to his clitoris who claimed the caresses of my hand. At this very moment, I felt my cum arrive and I stopped soon to finger Julie to remove his hand from my penis.

Just in time to avoid orgasm. I pulled myself out of the big pool to go and squat the little one, which was deserted. The lifeguards had gone to eat and the only one who was talking was behind the big pool. Julie did not delay following me. She dropped my shorts, freeing my life. But I immediately put my shorts back, while intimating:

– We’ll use the showers, it’s more convenient!
– Okay.

We left the little pond, and took the direction of the showers. There was a closed cabin for the disabled. We entered this cabin, Julie had quickly remove her bra, delivering a beautiful chest though a little juvenile because of his 14 years. She removed her panties, leaving her naked to my eyes. I examined his secret garden. She did not shave, which I liked right away (indeed, I hate women who shave the pubis completely). His mount of Venus was covered with a clump flattened by water. I saw that this fleece did not come down around his lips.

It’s because I only shave there, she explained to me.
I rushed out my tail of his jail of cloth. Once the shorts fell, my vit could express the strength of his desire. It measured about 12 centimeters in erection. Julie knelt, and, without warning, she sucked me. This the first blowjob that I lavigua. She was a virgin, but she was doing so well that I did not take long to feel my testicles send the divine seed to the prostate.
Go back, I’m going to ejaculate! I warned him.

She does not react. It must be said also that my entire penis was in his mouth at that moment. She put her mouth up to my glans. I felt the orgasm happen. Sperm spurted on his face, in his hair and especially in his mouth. She swallowed my seed. I thought it would disgust her, but she liked to feel my hot cum on her tongue, and she picked up the other jets to swallow them too.

Lie down, I too can make you enjoy with my mouth, I tell him.
If you want, but hurry up!
She lay down, and I motioned her to spread her legs. I put my head between his legs, and began a cunnilingus. She arched quickly enough, emitting squeaks of pleasure. I wandered my tongue sometimes on her clit, sometimes on her vulva. I also used it to penetrate superficially. Once she had cum, she got up, me too.

– Come ‘Make love to me, she whispered.
– Are you sure ? I could get you pregnant by doing that, you know?
– I know, but take me, please ‘

I put it against the wall and took my tail with one hand. I guided her to her secret garden. The penetration began, but one I found this position uncomfortable, and two it was not practical for deflowering. I told her to lie down and raise her legs, she complied. I penetrated gently, and I had trouble defeating her virginity. But it was not an insurmountable wall, and soon I could penetrate it entirely. I accelerated the comings and goings. She was shaking and I enjoyed watching her breasts move. Then I leaned down to see my penis penetrate.

This vision accelerated my enjoyment. She began to enjoy first. She screamed with pleasure, and to silence her, I kissed her on the mouth. We thus enjoyed each other. By the time I was about to ejaculate, I pulled out to unload on her body, but she girded me with her legs and I was forced to stay in her. I ejaculated with force, and she managed to tell me between two kisses she liked to feel my cock in her. I withdrew after ejaculation.

Kissing me full on the mouth and I stick his tongue deep in my throat

kissing me full on the mouth and I stick his tongue deep in my throat

But what do I have to fall in love only asshole ??? I burst into tears, but I have to pull myself together because Alex is still in my kitchen and I do not want to show him my sorrow and my frustration, but I’m really pissed off, and excited too, I was so happy to share a new Intimate moment with Michel, we already saw each other so little before, but our relationship was so strong, so intense …

I go back to the kitchen, but Alex spotted my red eyes directly, the makeup that leaked, and following the uprising of my voice, certainly heard at least some pieces of my conversation with Michel.

He gets up, takes me in his arms to console me, reassure me, talking to me gently, caressing me gently back and neck through my satin bathrobe. Although this is the ex of my daughter, and he is only 24 years old, I must admit that this young man makes me the effect, his caresses make me shudder everywhere, and, besides the end of my breasts harden, I feel my panties getting wet, and …

He runs slowly my entire back from the tips of his fingers, my cervical to the hollow of my buttocks, his caresses are so nice that my hands start mechanically to do the same on his back and his hair.

I already wet really hard, while he “consoles” I think back to all those times where through the wall I heard him kiss my daughter, all these times I made myself happy while my daughter and he took advantage of it as pigs, these times I fantasized about Alex, but hey, let’s get back to earth, he’s just consoling me for my sadness of the moment, then I could also be his mother, then it’s my daughter’s ex , then he’s only 24 years old, then he’s certainly not in love, I’m not in love either …

In my head are mixed excitement and questions of morality, until a new sensation invades me: While continuing his soft caresses in my back, while his fingers descend more and more low on my buttocks on each return, he starts kissing me tenderly in the neck, a series of kisses from the bottom of my neck to the back of my ears, where I even felt his tongue

– Alex, we’ll stop there I think, we go astray, and I do not want to hurt my daughter, Nat would certainly want, not to mention what would happen if Virginia and Nicolas learned. (my other two children)
– All we have to do is stay discreet and just enjoy the moment.
I know you’re horny Chantale, I’m sure you’re already wet, I feel like you want to get caught in all directions, by all the holes …

I am almost outraged by the “crudeness” of his language, he whom I have always known to be kind, kind, well educated, I certainly did not imagine to speak to me in this way, even if I already had men who also insulted me during love, calling me all the names

– Do not do it shocked, I know that you like to talk to you like that, I still spent a lot of time in the room next to yours …

It is true that if I had already heard kiss with Nat, it was quite possible that he also heard me through the wall send me in the air with Michel, which he took time in time to drop me a “you like it bitch eh” or “tell me you want it in the ass”, even if I had never been a fan of this kind of vulgar frolics

– You do not have to worry, nobody will say anything to anyone, and I want as much as you if not more, look if you do not believe me

He then takes my hand to put on the bump of his pants, I begin to feel gently, and at the same time this little bastard pulls on the bow of my robe to open it, taking advantage of my busy hand does not retains more.

– Wow, what a pair! They will be devoured, those!

To see him so happy, amazed and admiring in front of my chest, now very hard nipples, excites me even more, my hands unbuckle his belt and the right sinks under his pants to jerk slowly. Although I am fully aware of what I am doing, I am still surprised by my reactions and my attitude.

He presses against me, kissing me full on the mouth and I stick his tongue deep in my throat, I let myself do and gives him her kisses, her hands palpate my buttocks gently but firmly, and I feel his fingers slide under my bathrobe, under my thong soaked and one and several fingers start going back and forth faster and faster in the bottom of my vagina dripping.

– Yes, I was right, you’re wet like a slut you, and in addition you’ve carved the mold, I love! I’m sure you’re a super-sucker, take it in the mouth now, lick my cock and balls.

Finding panties or thong just as useless

finding panties or thong just as useless

You know my Chantale, when you have the chance to have tasted the intimacy of a Cougar such as you, first of all we never forget, and especially we are eager to put this back, and the only reason for which I did not call you earlier, it’s because I had too much work, that I had to pass before my pleasure, but I’ll meet you tomorrow night, I’d like to go to walk in the woods with you

A Cougar, me !!! Exactly I had watched on TV1 a show about Cougar women, so ladies of my age group or more, often divorced or widowed, wanting to re-taste the joys of sex, find a “new youth”, only with men just out of adolescence, the older ones are barely twenty-five.

I began to think several times that I would start a relationship with a young person, just for my sexual pleasure, show him what it is “a woman of experience”, a relationship without consequences, non-contractual.

But I never imagined living this with an ex-boyfriend of one of my two daughters, without his knowledge, and especially in this way the most perverse and salacious
– Walk with me in the woods? in which wood? And … just walk around?

– You doubt that we will not only walk, but if I reveal the whole program away, the attraction will not be the same for you

I imagine that if this bastard wants to take me into the woods, it is not to gather clubs, but even if his plan does not reassure me at all, I am relieved by saying that at least in the woods at night it is very dark, and it will be very difficult for him to make a new video of me in such light conditions

– At 22 hours, you will leave your house, I leave you the choice of how you will be dressed, but you have better be horny, to put your forms as much value as possible, and to make them more accessible possible, so forget the skinny jeans and turtleneck is well understood?

I want “easy to remove”, and horny at first glance, rather cleavage, and bare legs, high heels and all the mess, and in your purse, you’ll have a dozen hoods, lubricant, and wet wipes. Including ?
You will leave the city by car, towards the woods. Once on the road to La Pompadour, I will overtake you with my car and you will follow me to the place where I will drive. If there is any confusion, if you are not my instructions to the letter, I promise you that all your building will know how a neighbor like you likes to get laid in the air

The next day, precisely at the agreed time, I leave home, dressed in a pretty black dress, tight at the top, plunging neckline, and bare in the back, between the straps, the fabric of the legs flying up to mid thigh, basically a pretty sexy summer dress.

I had thought of putting suspenders, but even if it is not a mini-dress, it still falls much higher than the knee, a little too much for a woman of my age, then it is too hot in this moment, and I did not want to spoil them. So I’m naked underneath my dress, finding panties or thong just as useless as the garters and the bra that I thought to put … I also have the high-heels he wanted me to wear, black, with two leather thongs rising and knotting above the calf, these shoes make me frankly legs and ass hell, he should be happy.

My hair in a bun, wearing a scarf tied on the head like “gypsy”, I put my glasses rather than my contact lenses tonight. Already, women with glasses excite more men, and expecting at least as much junk as the previous time, it is obvious that I will again take at least one discharge in the face, my glasses will be more practices that my lenses …

A last glance in the reflection of the glass door before leaving, and here I am on my way to my rendezvous that knotted my belly … What has planned? Will it be the last time? Even if I’m terribly excited at all this staging and this situation, I’m still worried, angry, impatient to finally be his prey, his victim, eager to finish, despite all the unsuspected pleasure that I pulled out of it … As expected, he overtook me with his car, I went to a small stone driveway, perpendicular to the main road on which we were and park my car behind his, at a hundred meters from the first visible habitation of the corner.

Alex gets out of his car, locks it, and advances with a decided step towards mine, on my side, opens my door, and asks me to pass on the seat of the passenger, to settle down behind the wheel and to lead us again elsewhere.

We arrive on the seaside with our beach stuff

We arrive on the seaside with our beach stuff

“My husband and I,” replied Isabelle’s mother, “we have nothing against naturism, and if Isabelle agrees to follow you, we will not oppose it.
“If you want, you can come too,” added my mother.
– No thank you. I would not dare to put myself naked in front of other people, I’m really too modest.

I would be too uncomfortable and I’m not sure my husband is inclined to do it. Now if it pleases my daughter, that’s fine, at least she will not have the same inhibitions as her mother.

It is clear that Isabelle, after a little apprehension, quickly became naked. In the first moments, she needed my support and that of my brother. This is how it happened:

We arrive on the seaside with our beach stuff. I advised Isabelle not to put a shirt under her dress, just a little panties, “it’s easier after to undress”. Once our towels are wide, we take off our clothes, until the last piece of cloth. I feel a hesitation from my brother’s girlfriend.

I approach her to reassure her and help her, a little away from the guys (my brother, my boyfriend and my father). She finally leaves her dress and the thong she wears and we lie down on the belly.

– I’m naked, she said, naked in front of many other people. I find it totally unrealistic!
– But you like it?
– I do not know ‘Actually I’m horribly embarrassed. I really wanted to, but there, once on this beach, I really wonder what I’m doing here. And worst of all, if I want to go swimming, everyone will look at me.
– Nobody will look at you on the contrary, you will see it will be well.

When we decide to go swimming, she gets up very uncomfortable, she looks around, like a frightened animal, to see if we look at her. And once in the water, I feel things are starting to get better. The pleasure of swimming naked has conquered Isabelle. To return to our towels, even if for her, walking naked in public is not yet natural, it does not make a story.

In the late morning she is already much more relaxed and at the end of the day, it’s almost normal for her to be naked on the beach with her boyfriend, the sister of it, my boyfriend and our parents. She forgot this shame to show his little tuft of hair or two beautiful little tits to men around him.

She spent 15 days with us and I can say that she finally enjoyed it. The baths in the sea, sunbathing, in the complete nudity of the body is really an unforgettable experience. His fear that one looks at it, that one mate it quickly disappeared. She found that everyone is naked and no one is watching others.

– I did not have a negative idea of ​​naturism, but all the same, I thought to myself that they were strange these people who put themselves naked without feeling any discomfort. Without your brother’s insistence and the feelings I feel for him, I do not think I would have jumped. But today, I can say that I am an unconditional follower.

I know that I will continue naturism, even if I do not dare to speak with my parents. They know where I am, they know what I’m doing, but we do not talk about it.

Sometimes my brother and Isabelle go away. I know very well that they retire to spend quiet moments in all discretion. The size that then takes the sex of my brother does not deceive anyone. Bravely he struggles in him not to be in full erection, but inevitably, his rod gains in volume. I watch them go away telling me that next year, I will accept to give me to a handsome guy like my brother and I will then know the pleasure that seems to experience Isabelle.

Because it is always up, maybe it is even she who seeks my brother. When they reappear, they always make a turn in the water, just to clear the dubious spots, and the two lovebirds are delighted, with stars in the eyes and a smile on their lips.

What’s fun is when Isabelle asks her friend to spread some cream. It runs and inevitably he finds himself in erection. For it is not a matter of omitting a single part of his body: he must coat the body with the good side of the pile and the other side. His hands venture on the back, buttocks, thighs and calves but also inside the legs, and there his fingers up between the thighs, reach the conch of the dulcinea.

Then it is the breasts he must caress to make penetrate the cream, her belly to the limit of her pubic hair and finally the legs. He remains as discreet as possible, but in desperation, after finishing his office, he lies on his stomach and waits for it to pass.