My cock was protesting

My cock was protesting

In the shower I found Julien, he was still wearing his device Julien but he had sympathized with a supporter of another team. A tall, good head, beautiful slim and muscular build. He invited me to join them in a quiet corner, a room of the boarding school … His boyfriend had not come alone, there was with him another boy.

A little big … Finally when I say big, I should say well square, strong, very muscular. Small ! … a little smaller than me but as it was very large it accentuated the impression of small size. A hammer thrower’s middle … With a good head and a mischievous smile.

We were all three, we had a little booze. I took Julien in my arms, it was long since I had not held in my arms that one. The other two watched us doing while undressing. They were approaching us then one took off Julien’s shirt while the other was doing the same thing to me, then it was the pants. For me it was fast. I have already told you ? I do not know anymore but … I do not wear underwear …

We were naked all three, the boy had approached me, he was holding me against him, against … I felt his penis rise between my thighs, he gave me kisses that tickled me in the middle of the back, a slight mustache tickled me and made me shudder.

The big Julien behind him did the same thing. We turned around and took our partners in our arms. He was broad, massive, muscular, he did not have a hair of fat. Only muscle. His tail was also muscular, a length quite normal fit but massive, like his owner, very wide, very heavy, well … massive …

I did not expect him to ask me, I crouched in front of him and sucked his cock. In length it was not a problem, but for the width, it was heavy. He had a huge cock that was envy. I had to open my jaw wide to take it in my mouth. Already I imagined it in my ass. Even if in length it passed, in width I already knew that I would feel it pass …

He held my head, pushed his cock, it passed. It went bad but it passed. I coughed, I was struggling … I got up and turned around and found myself facing my friend Julien. He smiled at me. Kissed my shoulders, for a moment I stroked her buttocks and … His partner had already begun to penetrate, I felt his cock that entered the anus of Julien.

Julien was standing to me, and moaning in my ear, in response I nibbled him the lobe, he moaned even harder. The tallest asked Julien to lean forward against the couch. I did the same and put myself on my knees.

Without waiting and without asking my opinion the guy I had sucked stood behind me and after having lubricated my ass planted his cock in a movement as fast as violent. I screamed! I had said it at length it was not a problem but at the level … It was stocky of the tail this boy … And I felt it well, he dilated my anus, at first it was a little pain but quickly it was good …

He then filed for me quickly, he went with good heart. He pulled me with all his strength towards him and he was strong. Violently pushed his pelvis forward, his belly was beating against my buttocks, it was good, my cock was protesting, my chastity device was coming up and despite the fast movements did not really rock so much there was pressure inside . I clung to the sofa!

He retired, I caught my breath. It was the biggest who replaced him Julien was watching me, his partner had just retired he was in heaven. The two boys exchanged their positions. It’s a thinner and longer tail that penetrated me then. I felt it sink slowly and long, I raised my head, he leaned towards me and gave me a kiss.

I turned my head and kissed as he hit my buttocks. I could not hold back a groan without stopping to kiss him, he retired and returned. He continued this movement, slowly faster then slowly again …

Julien groaned with pain as much as pleasure, the ” big fat ” was let loose on Julian’s ass after having let go on mine. The biggest lacerated my ass always the same way, with very wide movements, slow and fast but not too much … Always ample, without stopping … The pleasure went up, the massage of my anus gave me a pleasure more and more intense and repeated blows on my prostate made me tremble …

My sex is both a material blessing and a moral curse

My sex is both a material blessing and a moral curse

Olivier, my colleague had picked me up that morning. I had waited at the corner because I did not want my daughter to learn that I had left my car to her ex fiancé. The morning’s work had been so painful. The non-response of a subcontractor led to a delay and the boss put a terrible pressure on me. I was also suffering from pre-menstrual syndrome. The day was not going well, especially as Damien turned a deaf ear to my calls and SMS. I had resolved to make things clear with him.

A little firmness was needed. Finally a little before noon, he announced the appointment for 12:15.
I was in the parking lot, but Damien was not there. Several of my colleagues had volunteered to drop me off. I had politely refused.

But my presence in heels and tailor on this parking obviously attracted attention and gave rise in me a stress that undermined my confidence. Finally twenty minutes later the car entered the parking lot, ending my wait. I was relieved when he got me into the car. The stress of waiting had dropped my anger. I was waiting for the right moment to set the limits to our relationship, but it was he who spoke.

-You have very much disappointed me Kristine. Your way of abusing me has become unbearable to me. What am I for you? Just a sex at your service to satisfy your fantasies when you sing?

He was really angry. The words jostled each other quickly, chopped up with emotion. His movements on the steering wheel were nervous.
-Your daughter is back. You chased me from your home. You have hidden our relationship because you are ashamed. When we go out, you are always afraid that one of your acquaintances will recognize you. You are not better than all the others. But, they, at least know how much it costs …
-What do you say to me? I do what is in my power …
-Power, power! Money, money!

You bourgeois women have only that word in their mouths. Your hearts are as dry as your flaccid pussies are wet and hungry for young tails. In the hotel chain that employs me, we are a few to round up our late months by spending time with clients. Women like you Kristine. The same cold elegance, the same unfulfilled desires. The same handbags with in the same notes of 20 and 50 …

I listened to the stunned suite. He did not look at me. He ignored me completely. This feverish speech was addressed as much to me as to all women and himself.

– Women executives who, from time to time, on their trips are shine during the week at the hotel by young mowed before returning to spend the weekend with family. Neither seen nor known! No guilt, ass in exchange for a little money. Hot shower after a hot fuck and we erased everything.
He continued. His flow was fast.

There was an urgency in his words
– Do you know, Kristine, what it is to sell your body to be able to pay for studies? To be forced to stay at the home of his girlfriend’s parents so as not to be on the street. To attend domestic scenes and act as if nothing had happened.

To leave in the middle of the night to kiss old withered bodies. You found me sometimes hard with you but it is nothing beside the contempt in their eyes when they recount their tickets imagining you make a gift because you ejaculated a few drops in a condom and they imagine that you have you taken the foot of your life in their soft flesh? And you Kristine, you’re no better than them. And you want more complaining?
-Why did not tell me anything …

-But, Kristine, you and your fellows have no idea of ​​the humiliation of being treated like nothing by bourgeois parents who refuse to finance your studies hiding their congenital sting under Catholic principles of strict education. Fortunately, sex has opened up less tiring prospects than working at the factory or at the Mac Do, like my brothers and sisters, who obediently return to the fold on Sunday and go to Mass.

What I do, we do it when we have no more scruples, no morals, when only the money counts to turn the machine. But each medal on the other side. The passes that I do, because that’s what it’s called, have profoundly changed the relationship I have to the world, to work, to women.

My sex is both a material blessing and a moral curse. I also thought at first that the 80 euros that I exchanged a few favors were money quickly earned. But little by little, each time, you lose one more of yourself. The shower does not erase everything.
He stopped his car in front of his apartment.

The lover of my daughter

The lover of my daughter

He left the room for a few moments. When he came back he was holding his cell phone and a pair of scissors. Slowly, he lowered my skirt and stroked my crotch strongly through the pantyhose and panty.
-Do you want me to stop, Kristine?
-No, please continue.
-Continue, what Kristine.
-You do me so much good.

He was filming the scene at the same time. He filmed my distorted face in the mirror, he was filming the reflection that told him.
-I want to feel you in me, Damien. In my mouth, in my belly, in my ass if you wish.

The mirror woman has just asked the lover of my daughter to fuck me! I am both an actress and a spectator of the stage. The steel of the scissors has damaged the pants and the pantyhose. I feel the cold steel of the scissors between my buttocks. I’m afraid. I try to straighten up. I get some brutal slaps on the buttocks. I do not like this violence.

I would like to run away. He stopped the cut right at the bottom of my buttocks. With both hands he opens them and spits on my anus. I am humiliated. I should tell him to stop everything, that I want to go away. Instead of that I’m arching, I moan like a whore to give him the impression that I’m waiting for that, stirring like a hen in heat … ready for his cock … ready to be wildly ass fucked.

I look down to see that he has his dick out and that he caresses while looking at my ass. One look at his big cock and I know what I want: I want him to fuck my ass, I want to take his long cock in my ass. A shiver of fear runs down my spine in fear that it will hurt me.
– Oh my love … I want it even if it hurts me a little …
I arch my back and presents my ass so that Damien pushes his big cock inside.

I stretch my ass when I feel his penis come into contact with the ring of my ass. – OOOhhhh, go slowly … slowly … oh my God.
He pushes a little and I feel my asshole opening. Grabbing the desk with both hands, I moan with pain as much as pleasure, when his big penis, spreads my anus and my intestines by sinking little by little in my bowels. I feel the pain that exceeds pleasure.

– Kristine, what’s up? His voice filled with anxiety for me.
He stops progressing, but stays inside. My ass is on fire, tingling run through my intestines but the pain fades a little.

This feeling of rape, of forcing my ass to open under the thrust of a tail of this size completely removes the pain to replace it with this pleasure incomparable to any other, to have this long hard cock throbbing in my ass and that drives me crazy. I take a few seconds to rest, adapt to his size, then I look back I grabbed his hand that was on my hip and smiling weakly.
– Do not move anymore … let me do it.

He is as excited as me, I approach his hand from my lips to kiss him and he puts his index finger in my mouth. I suck his finger like a blowjob and I push my ass against his cock. A few inches more are sinking into my dilated duct. I do not feel pain so I push again. I still push up to feel her thighs on my buttocks. He is fully depressed in my ass dilated to the extreme and I feel his cock throb in my body.

The passage is made it’s wonderful to feel that thick cock that invades my bowels. I totally surrender to him. I love !
Moaning I start slowly to come and go his big cock. I fuck myself … I fuck my ass with dick Damien. I no longer feel any pain but nervous endings are starting to take over, sending me waves of pleasure all through my body in a way I never imagined.
-I like it … oh my darling … it’s so good …

Damien has removed his finger from my mouth and he takes me by the shoulders.
– Oooh Kristine … your ass … your ass … fucking is tight … but then really tight … In turn, he holds me firmly and it’s him now that bugger me with long strokes of the cock, leaving her to leave only his penis clamped by my rosette and back again watching his long cock fuck my ass to disappear swallowed by my intimate hole I quickly approach orgasm under the regular shots of my son’s cock in my ass. I’m starting to lose my mind.

I can not bear more! I need to regain control of his cock and use it myself for the pleasure of my ass. One of his hands goes between my legs open and tears off the remaining pantyhose and panties and begins to fiddle my pussy. His fingers go up and down between my lips to spread them. Automatically I spread even more my thighs. His fingers search my wet pussy, his hand caressing all my lower abdomen and his 4 fingers spread.

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The prospect seduced me

The prospect seduced me

Several years after our Breton escapades, Pussy and I had largely changed context. A family tragedy apparently had sold us and we had been married for 2 years. Above all, we were parents and more stable professionally. So in social relations and outings more rare and more sober.

However, we cultivated the cult of eroticism on a daily basis. Photos of my darling naked (and some of me) were visible by all on the walls of the living room and in our room. An erotic photo patchwork was available to our visitors in the bathroom; we saw, mixed with others, intimate parts or not of our respective bodies.
Moreover, we hosted at times a very close friend – with whom there were some years ago intimate moments for Pussy but especially for me – and some evenings had ended in cuddle pushed between her and me, while my partner was sleeping . For its part, the latter had developed a more sophisticated eroticism, based on provocative outfits at first glance or not, but managed in a rarity much larger than 5 years ago in Brittany, for example.

That year, while we had experienced the first rave parties in Paris and Rouen in the previous 3 years, we were planning to go see what was happening in discotheques in Belgium.

While we had just experienced a fairly classic couple crisis, Pussy had organized an excursion to La Rocca, near Antwerp. She had invited Fabrice and Stéphane, two of my friends – younger than us 7/8 years old – with whom I played football.

I admit that the prospect seduced me, having lost more than my companion the taste for the visual focus on his person. We entrusted our daughter to my in-laws, Leaving all four in our white Super5, we were in ordinary outfits for us at the time; jeans, t-shirt, leather jacket.

Unlike many, we made the trip France-Belgium by consuming more hash on the way back. Which means that when we arrived near La Rocca and after eating a burger in Antwerp, we were in excellent mood. In front of the nightclub, the first battalions of party-goers seemed to us rich, handsome, more classy than the usual fauna of the French boxes we knew. Our respective looks made us almost ashamed. Once parked, Pussy positively surprised us by asking us to get out of the car so that it had room to change.

For she had deliberately failed to tell us that she had planned an outfit for the evening, more in line with the extravagance of the Techno / House / Trance parties, rather hot. So after leaving the miss a few minutes alone in the R5 at the bottom of the parking we see it approaching, actually much more … spectacular than during the trip.

His hand slips into my pants

His hand slips into my pants

His hand slips into my pants to caress my penis erect. Our lips do not separate while I caress her firm and sporty buttocks.
I feel my penis bead of excitement. With her other hand she caresses before I taste her wet left on his fingers.
“Do you know that I like sex? She told me, “My account told you so. ”

“Yes I know … I know you like to be hanged from behind too, with objects, fingers or a cock, yes I know it. ”
“Do you know that I like spanking too? ”
“Yes, I know it, and I know that you love them made by hands or swifts …”
I told him all that by slamming his buttocks.
Our bodies are peeling as and until we find hair.

Our bodies are hungry for cum and close and intimate spaces.
My tail up to the ceiling impaled in his mouth active and expert. His tongue movements play with my bursts full and swollen. She touches me, nibbles me, masturbates …. she knows all the scores of a beautiful blowjob.
She wants to take off her glasses, but forbids it. That’s what excites me!

“Your thong was not enough,” I tell him and I reverse the roles to come and lick his pussy hairy, flooded with its luscious and lubricating secretions. Her clitoral jewel has been released from her lips. He stretches, responds to my licks. I caress her buttocks; Kneads, explores her ass with my fingers, I know I have the right.
She moans, then explodes

in my mouth with a hot liquid. Her spasms are vibrant and make her stagger. I hold it, gives him a few seconds of rest, before taking it doggy style. I slap her buttocks seductive and red and dare some strikes on her breasts, some pinches of powerful nipples.

My sweat sticks to his, I kiss his neck free of his long hair. I feel myself swell in it, ready to burst. I become powerful, my thrusts become brutal, I go out her wet vagina and squirts on her back, as I know she loves …

After a few more kiss, she whispers “Keep your hand on my computer, come explore my secret garden, think of me, jerk on me, enjoy me … but then, append me to hack your account.

This crazy afternoon

This crazy afternoon

I proudly return to my chair, while feeling his gaze down on my buttocks pleasant to watch.

In a few minutes I hack the wifi, then access to his computer. I put myself in hiding while letting it work. I discover the documents … nothing interesting. But it’s nice she left her emails open!
I type two three keywords in searches such as sex, lingerie, porn, dating …
But it’s the Alibaba cave!

Already she is registered in some dating sites … I find her password easily and accesses the account “Lectra X”. Already the X pseudo makes me think she does not look for the man of his life … Behind his glasses, I see a woman wise and concentrated, but in fact it is strongly eroticized. She has left no picture, but clearly expresses her desires that she concretizes as she pleases. Go this is his life, I will not be more intrusive.

At the word lingerie, I find several sites including an adult for whom I discovered some order: alluring lingerie and toys of all kinds. I understood.

At the word sex, I discover some intimate, inflamed, provocative, surprising and even very personal letters.

Now I’m going to access con google account and even his research … I find several in the same vein as his emails.

That’s it, I think I’ve identified it well.

Two minutes later, I send him a message on his computer by opening a video conversation: “Hello Lectra X”.
She raises her head suddenly in my direction, her cheeks rosy adorably. She is surprised, a little scared maybe.

I explain all that I found, through the messaging. She is blemish now.
I reassure her by saying that I do not judge, on the contrary, I appreciate.
“I find you very pretty, and if I was on this dating site, I would have already contacted you. I love your lips that bite, your eyes a little haggard, your breasts seductive.
At these words she undoes a blouse button offering me a more advantageous view.

I admit having already made hots cams, but with women hundreds of km from my home, while there we are 15 meters from each other. This is a surprising situation.
She really has the temperament that her computer told me.
“I like your look, your delicacy to have violated my privacy and your ass,” she retorted. “And I really want you, I think. Stay until closing. ”

Patiently I wait two hours, letting it light up in various ways. It bends down near me to pick up books, giving me a magnificent view of her rump, she touches my shoulders in his round trips. She even gives me a book on kamasutra, with page 69, folded the air of nothing, a string … yours yes! I’m smoking the book to familiarize myself with her pussy that will soon be mine.

The last subscriber leaves the place. She closes the glass door of the library. She walks towards me then takes me by the hand and brings me to the underground archives.
She drops the documents she took and then throws myself on me passionately .

His lips open, we swirl our languages. Our hands are wandering, curious and in a hurry. She unhooks her top completely to find herself naked, hard nipples and hot. My pants is distend. This crazy afternoon finally arrives at its peak. The wait was long and exciting. I envisioned two hours how to fuck, but nothing happens as imagined.

She approached his lips

she approached his lips

Without paying attention to Cécile’s embarrassed expression, he poured a good dose of calvados into the calyx. Then he handed her the glass and said “to you the honor for this great day! ”
In what was more a whisper than a statement, she replied blushing again that this is the first time she drank such alcohol but she really dared to refuse and Roger could see the pretty mouth open gently on the edge of the glass until the burning of calvados on the end of his tongue face shudder.

She pulled her lips away, letting the pink lipstick print on the edge of the glass as she ventured to face the man’s gaze for a brief moment before pulling the veil off her long lashes to protect herself from the tip of the glass. irony that she thought she perceived in the brilliance of her eyes. Roger then brought the glass to his lips and, before tasting the beverage, licks with relish the trace of lipstick.

Cecile opens her big blue eyes amazed at the pleasure that seemed to take the actor by drowning in the bottom of his mouth the varnish in alcohol.
“It’s a bit like drinking that calvados in your mouth instead of the glass,” he said, moistening his tongue with the edge of his thin mustache. Before she uttered an answer that could not come out so great was her confusion, he added, “What if we did it in real life? ”

Cecile stiffened, opened her mouth with astonishment which he profited to pour a little sip of alcohol whispering in his ear: “keep a little of this liquor on your tongue that I come to paratager. Immediately he caressed the neck of the girl for a moment but firmly pressed his hand and stole the kiss disguised. She received him without being able to oppose it.

The slang tongue of the man forced his to accept this game in a stream of saliva mixed with liquor. Between the diffuse aggression of alcohol at the back of her throat and the much more precise language, Cecile floated in a bath of unexpected pleasure.

For his part, Roger savored the hesitations of the girl now mastered by his know-how seducer confirmed but unaccustomed to youngsters. The almost instant ardor manifested by the beautiful augured an early docility to learning.
He peeled with difficulty from his mouth on fire and he saw her for the first time to support his eyes. His radiant face had evacuated the fear of the man. His radiant smile erased their age differences. Roger smiled at him conquering triumphantly, which she perceived with a reflex that made him pose his
forearm on his chest. It did not look so big under the prudish bodice well closed to the Peter Pan collar. The man was amused and brought the glass to his mouth while tu the first time: “it’s up to you to come and drink in my mouth Cécile. ”

She was surprised by the enthusiasm that this proposal gave her. This game pleased him and helped him to free himself from the interdicts inoculated by his education. She felt her nipples confirm by their eagerness to stand up for her sudden need to discover her things she had everything to learn.

As he swelled his cheeks to contain the alcohol in his mouth, she approached his lips so well drawn and Roger poured the saliva cocktail calvados on the tongue of the girl. Stunned by the assault more sweet than that, Cecile lowered all guard to indulge in the pleasure that awaited him. Their lips remained welded well after the dissolution of the fluid. His bun also abandoned his rigor to let his hair spread in the most complete mess on his shoulders.

As she tried to take a breath, without a word, Roger grabbed her wrists to loosen her arms that had remained prostrate against her blouse. The man’s dressing gown was fully open exposing a hairy torso like that of a brown bear. He saw his eyes surprised and carried the hands of the girl on his muscular pecs. He forced him to plunge his little fingers to caress him. She shuddered by feeling the silky hair slip under his hands and dared linger on her nipples.

A benevolent smile told him the satisfaction of his partner. She lowered her eyelids because she felt her cheeks flush. She stiffened while discovering under the fat little belly of Roger the long circumcised cock whose eye looked at her brazenly. Then the man gently took her hand and placed it on his penis while keeping it between his fingers. He made him discover the softness and rigidity of the glans by applying his thumb on the meatus.



The two lovers kissed each other

The two lovers kissed each other, holding each other firmly. David slipped a hand towards Francis’s belt, opened it and slipped a hand into his comrade’s pants. He too had a lot of pressure, but this pressure could be expressed freely. Francois bandait firm, he got up and when his pants fell his tail stood proudly. David did not wait to take it in his mouth, lick it, suck and swallow it along its length. It was François who was moaning with pleasure then …

François stroked David’s hair, gently pressing his head while giving light shots of the pelvis. David was now in the habit of swallowing this cock and obviously he liked it. He was pulling his comrade towards him as he leaned on his head and advanced the pelvis. The movements became more powerful, faster … The groans of pleasure of Francis became more sonorous, he did not restrain himself to yell of pleasure, to encourage his comrade … But it is true that these cars are soundproof …

François was naked lying on his back, David naked also lying on his comrade stroked him with all his body, kissed him, caressed him, came back on his cock he gobbled with pleasure and expertise then on his lips that he kissed with greed. Always this pressure in his PK, always this tension … He was breathing hard and was also craving for desire.

The tail of Francis got up, David took position, he sat on it, gently to begin … The tail of Francois was leaning on the anus of David … More firmly David felt the pressure it caused. He felt his ass relax and open. He felt penetrated and filled … He leaned completely and he felt the tail of his comrade sink completely and squeeze his prostate … Then without warning nothing he felt sperm flow from his chastity cage. He lowered his eyes, he was hopping.

The pleasure he felt came from his prostate, not his tail. He was enjoying without enjoying … Without enjoying but not without pleasure … It is always a strange sensation to see his sperm flow and to feel pleasure by another part of his body than his tail … Finally David was falling from all his weight on the tail of his comrade and found himself impaled for pleasure.

Francois got up and took David in his arms. They found themselves entwined, Francis sitting cross-legged on the carpet, David impaled on his friend, legs crossed on his back. Francois swayed gently back and forth and David moaned loudly at each of his movements, he was still yelling but less than earlier …

Francois pushed his friend back, his cock still very hard pressed him then more strongly on the prostate … David moaned, he uttered real cries of pleasure. Francis lifted his legs by putting her ankles on his shoulders and began to pound her ass, gently to start then more strongly and finally without restraint.

David was holding his lover’s arms, he was groaning with pleasure, he was breathing hard, he was screaming for more. He found himself in a position where he could only endure, he suffered with pleasure. The pressure in his PK was not diminishing and his moans were turning into complaints … complaints that at times sounded like sobs. He enjoyed, now he enjoyed even if he no longer had sex!

With a quick gesture François turned him over and David found himself on all fours, hands resting on the door. Francis continued to smash his ass in the rules, ie without restraint, he went with good heart and ended each movement with a violent thrust that snatched a cry of pleasure to David, a cry of pleasure, a groan, a complaint.

It was now very hot in the car and the windows were covered with steam. We could not see what was going on outside, but from the outside we could easily guess that something was going on inside … From the outside we could see the car moving and we could see, and that was the only something you could see, the palm of one hand leaning against the glass covered in steam inside the car.

David was leaning against the window when Francois was let go and enjoying in his ass …

The two lovers were there for a moment, still mixed, without saying anything without moving … Noises came from outside … Quickly they get dressed, made presentable and went out at the moment the door opened …

David saw then appear his grandfather Philippe …

Philippe: Ah you are here! It’s been a while that I’m looking for you everywhere .. You present me?

David made the presentations. Finally the two boys came out of the car …

A black velvet wolf

A black velvet wolf

She hears like a discreet rustle. Someone suddenly comes out of the shadows. She is reassured, she does not know him. He’s an old man, rather obese, his face red, dripping with sweat. She is scared because she does not feel like being touched by what seems to be a tramp. He wears dubious and dirty clothes. When he is near, she is taken with a high heart as he does not feel good. A strong smell of cologne tries to hide a nauseous smell of perspiration and dust. It takes a few moments and a deep breath to recover. He faces her and when she sees him move a dirty hand to her chest she can not repress a gesture of hindsight. She realizes she has offended the guy. His gaze becomes cold and mean. He grabs a nipple he pinches strongly until he pulls a cry of pain.
– Madam is delicate. I do not like him, exclaims the old man. It will have to be more docile my chick.
Chantal is on the verge of tears. These words are humiliating and she finds it hard to accept them. However, at the same time she wants to live this extreme debauchery of the senses and she forgets all dignity. A voice in her whispered to him: “Let go. Enjoy, think of nothing but enjoy. Immediately the tension inside him vanishes as if by a miracle. She surrenders offering her body to the vagaries of the pervert.
In the room, murmurs and sneers are heard. His torturer encouraged, emboldened himself and seized the other tip to which he suffered the same fate. Chantal writhes on her stool, swaying between pain and excitement. She closes her eyes because she quickly feels pleasure in her. Pleasure conjugated by humiliation and situation.
– Gorges, show us her pussy.
Without gentleness, Georges abandons the breasts, his hands slip between the thighs of Chantal and spreads them.
– She’s wearing panties. What a shame Louis!
As she has a reflex gesture to protect his privacy, Louis takes his hands and orders him to place them on his head offering himself in this way to the excesses of the old man. The latter tilts her back against the bar, forcing Chantal to raise her knees, her legs still wide apart. The pig is placed aside to offer the view of the assembly sex that only partially panties hides. She grabs an edge of the frail garment that spreads to expose the wet lips of cum. It releases largely sex to show the pubis room topped with a fine down well groomed.
The young woman understands that we must see that she is wet and it is shame that this time again overwhelms her. This shame she understood that it gave him even more pleasure.
In the room, some of the guests took out their sex and fondle slowly, as if to maintain their pleasure. The husband always hidden masturbates too.
The spectacle of his wife exhibited as in a slave market, is sordid and at the same time extremely beautiful.

Then, to his surprise a feeling of jealousy invaded him. From now on, he understood and can no longer ignore that her beautiful takes pleasure without his knowledge. She has freed herself from her moral constraints and her commitments and duties towards her husband.

He is suddenly afraid of losing her, definitely. He is about to reveal his presence and take back his wife when an uncontrolled drive makes him cum and cum in front of him against the door behind which he attends the show. He struggles to hold a cry as his enjoyment is intense. After a few seconds to regain his senses, the desire to stop everything reappears.

But at this same moment, the vulgar big man slides a hand between the open thighs of his wife to remove the last rampart of his dignity: her panties. In the position she has to maintain, leaning against the bar, the movement of the slow sliding of the fine fabric along the legs is extremely sensual. And he suddenly realizes that this situation is a powerful aphrodisiac and that already, to his surprise, he is taking a new erection. Naturally, he gives up and resumes his place, always hidden.
Louis is all excited. To see the abandonment of his conquest for the great pleasure of his friends.

He knows that he will be able to enjoy the charms of the young woman with the complicity of his cuckold husband. Also what concerns him there is to offer this gift to his friends. And what a gift!
The mask, a black velvet wolf hides half of Chantal’s face. She feels protected but at the same time she is anxious to be recognized. She feels that the man who is pelota is right on the stool. From violent he turns into a man of sweetness. With one hand he caresses his cheek, the other he finishes off the breasts of her blouse. His hand that encompasses a breast is rough, even raspy.

The head of his busy

The head of his busy

His hands shake the head of his busy lover with his right breast.
He stands up to lean on her pussy. He licks his clit, two fingers in her pussy. With her hand she looks for his cock. He takes off his pants and his boxer. His cock springs. He returns to her pussy his fingers slip from her clit to her little hole. She holds his cock between two fingers and her thumb caress the meatus. She sighs moaned: “huum! And her pleasure flows from her sex.
He puts his head between her legs to eat her clit, two fingers in her sex. She shrieks. Her ass is pushing towards his mouth showing his pleasure.
He takes a black dildo and presents it to her pussy. He pushes it gently into her sex. He covered with frost so as not to hurt her, he turns a hand flat on his belly. With the tips of her fingers she strokes his cock. His hand goes down on his clit, he pulls it out of his hood and massages it gently.
He replaces his hand with a pink rabbit that vibrates on his clit. She moans with pleasure: “houo!”. His juice floods the table. His right hand on his cock gently masturbates, she recovers to better care for his penis. His hand slides on his balls to go up to the glans. He keeps the dildo at the entrance of her vagina, only rarely pushing it to the bottom of her cave.
After his enjoyment, with an anal dildo he caresses the small hole. He pushes it gently to get him used to it. A black dildo, he fills her pussy. They enter and leave alternately her pussy and her ass giving him a pleasure that shrieks him. His hands are clenched on the edge of the table.
With one hand, he moves both dildos. He stands on his side to kiss her and bite her breasts. She enjoys.
He replaces the small anal dildo with a silver dildo of twenty centimeters. He takes both dildos with one hand and moves quickly. With his other hand he found his clitoris. She moans, “Huumm”. Her buttocks are tight around toys. She squeezes his arm and his hand goes down to press the fingers that caress her clit. She enjoys again.
He presents her sex that she takes in the mouth. Eyes closed now, she squeezes him between her hands against her mouth.
He lays her on the table, her head protruding. He pushes his cock into his mouth. His mouth and his tongue walks on the balls and the base of her sex. As soon as she takes it in the mouth and his hand down at the base of his shaft, he advances his pelvis using his mouth as a sex. She puts her hands on her buttocks to accompany his movements. He holds his head to better push his cock. He pinches her breasts pulling on the tip tearing out little cries: “wow! “. With her hand she accompanies the hand of her lover to aggravate the pinch.
He puts it back and finally plants his cock in her pussy. He takes her in his arms to put her on the couch. Squatting between his legs he penetrates her quickly and quickly. She looks him in the eyes, sighs, moaned. Half-raised arms, her hands open she seems to want to hold the body whose member gives him enjoyment. We hear the shocks of their pubis and the sound of sex in her wet vagina. His mouth between two “haaa! Seems to look for air. Her breasts move to the rhythm of her pleasure. He presses his belly against his, and his hands clasp his neck. It’s no longer haa ! But yes! Coming out of his mouth.
He recoiled spreads his legs V and penetrates slowly and deeply. His movements are amplified by the cries continue from my wife “haa! Humm! Yes ! wow! “.
he gets up in front of her. Kneeling, she takes it in the mouth to suck. With one hand she masturbates, the other caresses her belly. She closes her eyes to enjoy the moment. He puts a hand on his head. His hands go down on his neck to caress her, he continues on the top of his back. He lifts her sex between her thighs and masturbate them kneading her ass. He finally enjoys.
He puts her on all fours on the couch. He strokes her buttocks and slams her. She appreciates. He stuck her under him, lying on one side. He takes a toy that moves brightly in her vagina making her cum. It does not stop despite cries to bend a dead who show his enjoyment.
He puts it on his back and clit her clit, a jet of pleasure watering his fingers.
He tells her “you work” and he sits on the couch. She sits between her legs and slips her cock into her pussy.
In front of the discomfort of the situation, they pass in the room. He lies on his back. She climbs on him and with her hand she pushes sex in her pussy. She moves slowly but the sex of the lover comes out. He hits her buttocks. She says her pleasure. The more the slaps are strong the more his pleasure is great.